How To Find Out What a Persons M I V Is And Use It
To Persuade And Influence Them 

By Ange Fonce

Do you know "how" to quickly "discover" and "work out" another persons MIV? 

And how to use this "intelligence" to make your "conversations" or "stories" 10 to 100 times more "powerful... persuasive” and “influencing!”   
What makes this so “effective” is that once you get good at “identifying” an individuals can use it to really “magnify” every “conversation” or “story” and “proposals” that you are involved in. 
So what is MIV? 

Very simply... it is someone “most important value.” 

It is the “trait” or “quality” that someone “values” the most... sometimes people are very “aware” of their “most important value”... and other times it does not “come out” until the “value” is “challenged.”
Let me share with you a couple of examples. 

Suppose you have a couple in a relationship and let us say that the man “most important value” is “ambition”... he works hard... he stays late at the office... and his most important goal is to be president of the company by the time he is 30 years old.
Now “contrast” that with his partners “most important value”... which is “commitment”... she wants to “know” that she is “important” in her partners life... the culmination of which would be marriage... which is an obvious sign of “commitment.”
Can you see how these two individuals might not get along so well given their “most important values?” 

More than likely... he will see any “extra time” spent with her as time away from his work... and she will view his “obsession” with his work as a sign that he does not want to “commit”... unless they both become “clear” about “what they want” and have some serious “conversations” about it... they might be better off moving on.
Here is another example... 

Let us say that you are calling on a small business owner to present your product to him... which is a “high quality” security system... one of the very best... and the “big selling point” with your product is the “ease of use” in setting it up... so not only is it one of the best product of its kind on the market... it is “super simple” to set up.
The business owner though has a “different value”... his major concern is getting the “cheapest price” available for a security system... so no matter how easy it is to use... or how good the quality is... if in “his mind” it is not the “cheapest solution” out there... then you are going to have a battle on your hands. 
Do you see how the "disconnect" happens here?  
Convenience and quality v. cheapest price... so you are going to have to find "different ways" to "connect" with the “most important value” of the business owner... so you can "seal" the "deal.”
Here is another example...
Suppose you have a day job that you are just not happy about anymore... maybe you never were and you long to “break out" on your own and start your “own business”... as a matter of fact this “desire” to be your own boss has been with you for a long time. 
The problem is that you have a spouse and children at home and you cannot just up and quit your job to start your own business because you have a family to support... the job gives you security and a stable income... yet you are drawn to the “idea” of being your “own boss” and setting your “own schedule”... on the surface this looks like a classic example of a “security” versus “independence” dilemma... and many times underlying the “security value” is the "importance" of family. 
In other words... if it were 10 years ago before you had kids or maybe even before you were married you would not “think” twice about quitting the job and going off to do your own thing... you only had to “think” about you... and when you factor in the “idea” that you have a partner and children to consider... then it becomes a different story... it is one thing for you to just take care of yourself... and an entirely different thing to be “responsible” for others.
Okay... so “knowing” this... “how” can you make your stories or conversations 10 to 100 times more “potent” to your listener? 
You can find out what your listeners MIV is... and then “present” your story in a way that “aligns” and “connects” with their MIV... in other words... they tell you what the “most important value” to them is... and then you talk about that “same value” as it “relates” to your “product... service” or “presentation” or “proposal.”
So let us go back to the small business owner and the “proposal” you are “presenting” to  him or her about the security system... and instead of just jumping in and pitching him or her on the great product you have... you say something like this... 
"So... Mr. Business Owner... before I tell you about my product... let me ask you a question... when you think about about having a security system for your business... what would you say is the number one quality that is most important to you with regard to security?"

Because if he says... 

"I do not have to worry about anybody getting hurt if somebody breaks in... because I just have a warehouse full of stuff... I am mostly interested in how cheaply I can get some sort of system in place so that I can deter anyone from breaking in."
The “intelligence” that you have after “listening” to this is that he wants a system put in as “cheaply” as possible... you can check it out by “rephrasing”... 
"So if I understand you correctly... the most important thing to you is to have the system set up in the cheapest way possible... does that sound right?" 
If he says “yes”... then you can begin to “craft” your “proposal” in such a way as to “highlight how” your system compares to other systems out there.
Now what happens if your system is not the cheapest? 

Then you have 2 choices... you either say that and point him in the direction of another cheaper solution... or with honesty... you make the case for “how” in the long run your system is better than the competitions... maybe your installation fee is higher and your monthly service fee is lower... so after the first year he will pay less money for your system than he would for your competitors... so he may pay more in the initial installation cost and save money on the service cost... so over a period of time he actually “saves money”... so his overall costs will be “lower”... so giving him “cost savings” and “greater value” for his money... make sense?

Selling is often a “process” of “negotiation” until you “reach” the “value point" were it is a “good deal” for both of you... the WIN WIN!

The point is... once you know what the MIV of the business owner is... your only job is to align your “proposal” and “work” with HIS “most important value.”

That is when you become a “skilled persuader” and “influencer”... you are “giving” what other people want by taking them in the direction you want them to go in... in the case of the business owner... him “purchasing” your product and to seal the “deal”... so you can eat and pay your bills... and he gets “security” at a good price... WIN WIN!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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