How To Change Someones Opinion Of You 

By Ange Fonce

Now... I would like to ask you something... have you ever heard of a method called a "pattern interrupt?"

Let us say you have been "social courting" and you meet someone you really like in a "romantic way"... yet you face a problem... that person you like has formed an "opinion" of you... where they do not seem to "like you" in the same way.
Here is the problem...  

When you try to "influence" a man or womans "opinion" of you... they will still see you in the way... they have "assumed" you are to them... and that can "suck" when basically they have in effect made a "judgement" about you.
Big problem... especially if you were not too cool at first...or if you were Mr. Nice Guy or Woman...  or a real push over... or a shy and quiet they hardly noticed.
All the material in the world will not work unless you can "change" their "opinion" of you... and most men and women do not "know" how to do this.
So quick lesson then... in the method of Pattern Interrupt.
Say you know a "bad guy"... and he had just turned "good"... now most people would not buy into it...  they had booed him for so long for being a "bad guy"... it would be was hard for them to "cheer" him... and it would hard for an individual or the crowd to see him as anything other than the "bad guy" he had always been.
So what does he have to do to "show" he really is a "good guy" now? 

He has to "disappear" for awhile... and then came back a few months later with a "completely different look"... everything about him has to be "different."
So he is like a "new man!"

Now I am not even telling you that you need an "image overhaul" to such extremes... what you need is something called a Pattern Interrupt.
We as humans engage in certain "thought patterns"... they are "unconscious"... it is almost like a continual program that is running inside our "mind"... creating certain "expectations."
And that man or woman you like has a "certain pattern of thoughts" when it comes to YOU... and certain "expectations."
Here is the key...  
If you want to change his or her "opinion" of you and ultimately get them to become "attracted" to you... you need to use a PATTERN INTERRUPT.
If you do not "interrupt their thought pattern"... then he or she is going to keep "engaging in thoughts" that lead him or her to think of you as a "friend" or weird or whatever.
Going back to our "bad guy" gone "good"...  it was not enough for him to just start being "good"... he had to disappear...  "interrupt the pattern"...  and come back with a "different image"... to reflect the "change" in "personality"... that he is a "good guy" now.
What is the secret to a pattern interrupt?
Confusion and THEN the "new information"... yes...  good old fashioned "confusion."  
Here is how "confusion" comes into the picture...  loss of "certainty" means "open mindedness" to what is... open to "new experiences" without the bias of "expectation."
A "pattern interrupt" confuses his or her "conditioned mind" of their "expectations" and in doing so gets his or her "old habits" and "bias" out of the way long enough for you to plant your "new" opinion in there... this is powerful stuff... of "subliminal influence."  

The first step is to "introduce confusion"... this "confusion" can come in a variety of different ways.  

An unexpected outburst or reaction... keep it simple. and positive.

A disappearance and reinvention of yourself. 

A vague or confusing text message

A startling piece of information... even something a friend "plants" and do not lie... if you are found out to have lied... your "credibility" is destroyed and you will reinforce what they already "assumed" and "expect" of you and will confirm that they where "right" all along from the first time they met you ... it is known as "conformation bias"... so make it "authentic" and "genuine" information.
Basically you need to create a big enough "swerve" to leave him or her "momentarily confused"... just enough time to "plant" the "new you"... in their mind.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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