How to be in Masculine and Feminine Polarity For Passionate Sex‏

By Ange Fonce

Please Be Aware This Article Contains Content of An Intimate Nature!

I will start this article with a little story...

I was at the bank the other day... the woman teller said to me... 

“Lets pop that in right away.”

I smiled at her and “cheekily” replied”... 

“Yes please... that would be nice!”

And she blushed!

We then had a brief  “conversation” in the bank about “sex!”

I said... 

That a woman is much more “sexual” than a man.

She smiled and replied... 

“Most men just do not realize that!”

Guys... women “love” taking about sex... they just “talk” about “sex” in a “different” way then men.

And many women want a “confident sexual masculine man” in bed... she does not want to find herself with a little boy!

She wants a “sexually confident man” to “lead” her to “deep sexual pleasure”... she wants to “experience” a man who is in “touch” with his “sexual power” and “his desires” and “free” from “inhibiting social conditioning.”

She wants a man to “feel her sexual energy” in his body... be “emotionally available” and “mature” in his “emotions” and “feels free” to “express” his “masculine energy” both “verbally”... and “non verbally.”

Unfortunately... many men are much “too nice” and try to please in bed... they ask permission to do something new and they take no risks in bed... they are rather needy and boy like.

I “feel” that many men treat their “lover” like their their mum on some level... they “need” to be looked after and are “needy” about wanting “love”... they can stay in a “destructive relationship” for years because they are so “needy.”

These “little boy qualities” can really turn off a “feminine woman” wanting “sex”... and “boring sex” will lead to “eventual separation” sooner or later... a “sexually confident masculine man” comes along... and she is “attracted” to him.

So what can the average man do to be more “dominant” in bed?

First of all... “admit” to yourself that you could “improve” as a “sexually confident lover”... if you “feel the energy” is right between you and your partner for a more “lusty” and “wild sex session”... try the following...

At the start of foreplay... you can “warmly hug her” and then push her down on the bed or move her against the wall... you “change the pace” and take “control.”

Now... “tune in to her” and see if this is a “turn on” for her... some woman could hate this... so be “sensitive” to her “reaction”... so one big key is to “lead” her. 

Never ask her what she wants in bed when “making love”... this just gets her into “her head” and out of “her sexual energy... feelings” and “emotions”... talking about “sex” is best left to a discussion out of bed... just take “the lead“ and see “how she responds”... take her... lead into “her deep sexual energy.”

Tune into her by being in your “bodies sensations” and “feelings.”
It is good tip to “learn” some techniques like “vulva massage” and “g spot stimulation” that can really get her “feeling totally orgasmic” before intercourse.

Some women and men too... need some “sexual healing” from past abuse and tend to be more in their “masculine energy” to feel safe....and have more trouble “surrendering” and letting go in “sex.”

Sometimes “sex” if very “heart felt” and you are "very connected".... other times you can really get into being very “dominate” and “sex“ is really wild.... Animal f69king!

I  know “how” effective the following methods are in increasing the “sexual energy” and “orgasmic depth.”

The more Masculine you are the more she “surrenders” and lets go... try holding her arms down when she is really turned on... hold her hair and pull lightly... do not ask her for something... just tell her to do it... move her body to change “sex positions” without asking.

How about even ripping her panties in two?

I also love to “use dirty talk” to ramp up the “sexual energy”... I usually do this when she is “really turned” on... and I will issue a “warning” here... as some might find the following offensive.

"You want my hard cock deep inside your wet pussy, don't you baby"

"You better behave or I will throw you on this table and f69k you in front of everyone." 

This can be really “effective” at a club or restaurant.

"I want you so badly right now... you got me so hard for you baby."

"Awww baby... you are so wet for me... you want me sooo badly don't you."

"You are making me soo hard for you baby... I am getting so hard for you baby."

Command her to have an “orgasm” when she is close.

"On the count of 3 you are going to have a massive orgasm... 1... 2... 3... CUM NOW!"

Do this a few times and out of bed... count to three and say “cum now” and she could cum!

Soft “bondage gear “can really help to allow a women surrender and get even more turned on... and “note”... I said Soft Bondage Gear...”pain” and “denigration” does not need to be part of “bondage”....  purchase some “padded handcuffs” and “leg restraints”...  a “blindfold” is great too.

Like anything... “practice” makes perfect.

Although I was a Great Sexual Athlete... when younger... it actually took me some years to grow out of being a little boy in bed and being a Sexually Confident Masculine Man who “loves” to RAVISH women.

And there is something “crucial” I learnt for myself...

The more I “enjoyed” myself “enjoying” my lover... the more she “responded” and “let go” herself in her surrender... and “enjoyed” herself in “enjoying” me...and that took “sex” and “love making” to a whole new level... because I LEAD her!

Have “fun” exploring being more “dominate” and “masculine” in your “sexing” of a woman and you will be surprised at “how powerful you become” and “how” it makes you “feel” like a “powerful passionate lover” and she will "respond" to you far more "passionately" herself!

Of course... it is fun for the woman to take the “dominant role” too... if you always play one role in "lovemaking"... swap around.. and let your woman tie you up... and be “dominant” with you...  and expressing her “sexual femininity.”

Like... when he is in the shower... join him wearing a thin top or t shirt... when it clings to your skin... he will be delighted... as you soap him down all over.

Above all... try something “new” each time you make "love" and have fun... “enjoying” each other as you “find out” what “really” is a “massive turn on” for you both.

Yes... make soft gentle flowing “love making” together like in Tantra... other times just get totally “animal” and “f69k” each others brains out!

To “orgasms” that go on and on...
And that Ladies and Gentlemen... concludes my conversation with you for The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers.

As always... leave a man or woman all the "better" for "knowing" you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely


Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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