How Tell Your Man He Has Made A Mistake With You

By Ange Fonce

In this article I will start with sharing with you 2 very short stories you need to hear.

They both start with a common relationship problem that a woman needs to talk about with her man... one woman gets heard and feels the love of her man and they grow closer... the other woman gets nothing for sharing and her man pulls farther. away.

Find out what makes the difference...

1st Story...

You are courting a good man and he does something that rubs you the wrong way.

In the past you would have spent all kinds of time and energy in your head worrying about what it meant and what you should say and since you already know about the common situations like this one that can come up... you know how to talk about it with him to have your feelings heard and grow even closer for it.

End of story.

2nd Story...

You thought you had a good man who was into you and then a situation came up and you shared with him and his reaction... that bothered you.

You were not sure if it meant something was really wrong and you did not know what you were really feeling and you knew something did not feel right.

When you finally did share your feelings to let him know and to talk things through... he pulled away and that was it... talking about it did not seem to work and then not talking about it would not have worked for you either.

End of story.

Which story best describes your experience trying to talk to the man in your relationship about what is going on and what you are feeling and can he listen to you?

Have a few of the same situations come up with men that went the way of the 2nd story that ended up breaking apart what seemed to be a great relationship?

Tell me if any of those situations are below have happend to you...

He acts "hot and cold" with you and you do not know what it means.

You are courting and you are not sure if you are exclusive or not and is he still seeing others?

He does not call for several days after you had a great time together.

As you start getting close he says he is not ready.

You know it is time for your relationship to move into commitment and you would like to talk about the future together and he keeps avoiding the issue.

He shuts down and stops sharing his feelings and you do not know what is going on?

Now did any of those situations look familiar to you?

If so then it was not just that the situation was difficult for you... it was also not knowing WHAT TO SAY was just as frustrating and painful.

You probably worried that if you said the wrong thing it would only make things worse with him... I mean are not men supposed to be grounded... purposeful and stand tall in the face of challenge... then why do men so often pull away and act scared or uncertain when it matters most?

And so often they are not there when you need emotional support and I know it must be tiring giving the man in your life ALL your love and attention and him acts flaky... not present or resist committing and being there for you and that makes you wonder...

"Why am I doing all this?"

"What does it take to have him start acting like the partner who is worthy of my love?"

Great questions and if you have found yourself in a relationship where this was going on for you... there is something you best know and the reality is that men have 1 of 3 things going on if they are with you and NOT showing you the love and affection you want to share...

Situation 1... He is not opening up because he is feeling emotionally withdrawn to begin with and it is up to him to get out of it and not you go rescue him.

Situation 2... He is not opening up and sharing his affection because you keep having conflicts and "disconnects" in your communication.

Situation 3... He is not opening up and sharing his affection because he does not know how too.

Which has it been in your relationship?

Knowing which situation you were in can make you feel better about it for a minute and here is where it gets interesting...

When you know there is a way to address ALL 3 of these situations in a way that will feel easy and effortless and more importantly there is a way to start getting the response you want from your man without being the one to do all the work... I mean if you choose to share yourself with a man and love him... is it not fair you get back the affection and attention that a loving partner gives in the first place and here is the tough part... there is a sad truth for lots of women in relationships these days... the truth is... some women NEVER end up having the kind of relationship with a man where they are truly free to share their feelings... no matter how loving they are and no matter how much of themselves they give.

Are you done with being one of those women?

Good then here is the thing... did you know that the moments where you have conflict in your relationship and where you are not sure how to say what you are feeling are actually opportunities for you to grow CLOSER to the man in your life?

And for you to grow individually too... of course if you do not have the right level of communication in these moments and you do not know how to handle them with a man... then these moments will be what breaks your relationship apart.

Knowing this let me ask you...

How have men responded to you in the more intense moments in your relationships in the past?

Have you found that the man in your life OPENS UP and supports you more in these tough moments?

Or... have you found that the more you say what your feeling the more your man SHUTS DOWN and stops being present and loving?

If you would like to know how to deal with these situations drop me a line.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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