How Mr Softee Can Beat Your Game 

By Ange Fonce

I have a question for you... 

Have you ever coached a childrens sports team before? 

If you have then you know that it can be awesome and frustrating and everything in between and you could well relate to what I am going to share with you in this article. 

My friends son convinced me to coach his football team... because back in my youth I was a good football player and have coached football teams before. 

And I remember this game for a particular reason... it was our third game into the season... it was actually a double header... we had our first victory in the first game... the second game did not turn out so well. 

They were a bit inexperienced and we were down by 3 goals in the first half of the game to the other team... there were some really fast kids on my team and we were mounting a comeback and scored a goal in the second half making the score 3... 1 and we were back in the game. 

Then things become worse... because the fact that I was competing against a third competitor in the later part of the second half of the game. 

Mr. Softee had turned up. 

For those of you who do not know who Mr. Softee is... it is an ice cream van that goes around selling soft ice cream.... and it has a very distinctive song that blasts from the van whenever it arrives in a new neighborhood or area. 

So the game went like this... 

Me... “I want Chris to get the ball and..."

Them... “Coach I hear the Mr. Softee song... do you guys see where the van is?” 

Other kids... “No I don’t see it and I can hear the music." 

"Yeah me too!” 

Now to be fair the other team coach now had the same problem as me... the difference being... he was winning and I was losing.

And the flow of the game was now being dictated by Mr. Softee and myself and the other coach were now basically bit part players as the conversation on the pitch would follow on along the lines... 

“Hey does anybody see the van yet?"

"I can still hear the music." 

"Yeah... me too!” 

"Does anyone see him?"

And on it went till the end of the game... it was frustrating and hilarious at the same time! 

Not just to lose to the other team... to be beaten by Mr Softy who was not even playing.

Here is the thing though... 

For just about every kid on both teams... the Mr. Softee song was an "emotional trigger"... honestly the little munchkins were like Pavlovs dogs the moment that song started to play. 

The only thing that could have whipped the kids into more of a frenzy would have been if the Mr. Softee truck started making announcements that it would be leaving in 10 minutes... 5 minutes... 1 minute... the pitch would have been deserted... you get the idea... me and the other coach left staring at each other with him smiling at me calling out... "loser!"  

When you combine a trigger like Mr. Softee which people will "emotionally hook" into and then throw in the time limit and fear of loss component... you can really wind up the psychological pressure on someone... especially kids. 

And adults are not that much different... the triggers may be more sophisticated and they are there just the same. 

There are some common triggers... like calling someone by name... smiling... tilting your head when meeting someone...especially of the opposite sex and then there are some uncommon triggers.

Keep reading and I will be sharing more with you in the future. 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely


Are You Easily Hijacked By Your Emotions 

By Ange Fonce

I wanted to ask you a question in this article... so please keep reading after the question so you get what I am talking about. 


Okay... so here is the question... 

How long have you been cheating on your taxes? 

Now in all fairness I have no idea if you have been cheating on your taxes or not. 

Now here is the point... the question assumes a lot of information even though it is only 9 words long. 

It assumes that... 

1... You pay taxes. 



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