How Likeable Are You? The Critical Factor For Building Success

By Ange Fonce

She walks into the room... smiles a warm coy smile and heads turn... her presence "creates" instant "attraction" and men naturally gravitate towards her... while other women spit venom... because her success seems effortless... she may not be the most physically beautiful woman in the room... yet her presence is "magnetic."

He "commands attention"... he is "confident... capable" and in "control"... you "know" he does not work any harder than you do... and yet he "effortlessly" gets things done and is rewarded for his "success"... and she is not any smarter either. 

He seems to excel at everything he does... and has a great reputation... and you have heard so many rave about her. 

Have you ever wondered what sets certain men and women apart from others? 

Why will one person will excel while another remains stagnant... even when they share the same situation? 

It can be summed up in one word... what makes the difference... PERSONALITY!

While "skills" and "knowledge" are "essential" to your "success"... did you "know" that they account for only 15 percent of the reason you will be "successful?" 

Ultimately... your success will be a result of the way you handle yourself... your "social skills"... how you handle your "personal relationships" and  "how" you manage your "reputation" and the manner in which people respond to you.

Your "likeability" factor has a HUGE impact on your life and "success" in so many ways.

Even if you have worked hard over the years... done everything "right" and have impressive credentials... it may not be enough... if people do not "genuinely" like you... you are more likely to miss out on future "opportunities" and push people away and may find yourself struggling throughout your career and relationships. 

Your "success" in "persuasion" and "influence" is often determined by how "likeable" you are.

Sure... there are people who defy the odds... men and women who are despicable characters and successful in spite of themselves... yet the "truth" is that most "successful" people... "understand" the "importance" of the "likeability factor." 

Jean has worked for me the last couple of years as my part time admin assistant. 

When I heard she was looking to make some changes in her life, I was concerned she would not be available to work for me anymore. She is in demand for her services, so when I approached her with my concerns, her response surprised me... 

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about me leaving.”

She said.

“I like you too much and I like working for you.”

I felt so good about her comment, and realized that Jean was not only working for the money. She liked working for me, as she knew I appreciated her.

 And you know what? 

I liked having her work for me too, and I have worked even more at my relationship with her. 

Building relationships based in mutual trust and respect is essential, and the easiest way to gain loyalty from someone.

It is the same with many of my clients... they become friends as our relationship grows. Although not always... no matter how much you want to help someone... if they do not want to help themselves... you cannot make them change, and you accept it is a "no deal" situation, and not a WIN-WIN for you both.

So... How Likeable Are You? 

Take a quick inventory and respond to the following questions...

Do you like people?

Do people like you?

Are you a good listener?

Do people confide in you?

Do you compliment others easily?

Do you smile often?

Do others seem genuinely happy to see you?

Do you look on the bright side of things?

Are you happy with yourself?

If you answered yes to most of the questions, it is probable that you are a fairly likeable person. 

Yet... pay close attention to the messages, often unspoken, that you receive.

Frequently people will ask me for feedback. 

They want me to assess how they are doing and how well they come across. I rarely critique anyone without a specific objective. 

Yet... can anyone know how to critique and evaluate him or herself? 

You receive feedback from others every day, and how often do you notice and pay attention to the messages people send you? 

The feedback is evident by the way people respond to you, and ultimately whether or not they do business with you, hire you or promote you.

Be in a relationship with you? 

Pay close attention to the messages you receive, and find ways to connect with people in a sincere manner.

When you make people feel valued, they will value you. 

If you are pleasant to work with and make other people feel good about themselves, you will have an advantage. 

Get into the habit of recognizing the positive qualities people have, and bring out the best in others. 

Give yourself the gift of liking people and develop the habit of being positive and enthusiastic. 

The rewards will be abundant.

People will do business with you, be attracted to you and want to know you.

Because you are confident... attractive and LIKEABLE!

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Dynamic Day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 

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