How Do You Handle Life "Curve Balls?" 

By Ange Fonce

Everyone has them...  their "oh no" moments... that "feeling" of "here we go again"... the trap we fall into... the moment of "vulnerability."

And your "oh no" might not be the same as mine... and maybe it is not a "specific fear"... it maybe just a "soft spot"... a "situational archetype"... a moment that brings it all crashing down for you.

That "feeling" is unavoidable for any "individual"... any "organization" or "culture" that seeks to do work that "matters" and "create change"... and yet you work overtime to "create" a day or a year or a career where you will never have to "feel" that way.

And that is the "challenge"... all the work you do to "avoid" that "feeling" cripples your "ability" to do your "best work"... in trying to "shield yourself" from a "short term feeling"... you build a "long term narrative" that eventually pushes you to long term "mediocrity."

You can hide the "soft spot"... or you can "lead" with it.

Working to "avoid" a "feeling" merely "reminds" you of the "feeling"... and undercuts all your work as well.

Others do "notice" when you take "action"... and when you do not.

When a "curve ball" hits your life... your business... the "instinct" is to "wait it out"... to "seek shelter"... to work to "set an agenda"... not to let the outside world set it for you.

And sometimes this works... yet even if the "curve ball" passes... people remember... your employees remember... they remember the "standard" you have set and the way things are around here.

Every time you give someone a "reward" for compliance... or fire someone for "creating" a "culture of disrespect"... you send a "message."

Action or "inaction" are both forms of "leadership" and "standard setting."

You can choose to "define" yourself... your "intelligence"... your "style"... your "character"... on who "rejects" you.

Or you can choose to "focus" on those that "care enough" to "think" you matter.

Carrying around a "list" of everyone who "thinks" you are "not good" enough is exhausting.

Carrying around a list of those who "appreciate" you is a lot more "rewarding."

Curve balls sort out those who are playing the "real game"... and those who are just "pretending!"

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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