Here Is A Proven Way To Dealing With Procrastination

To Help Acquire Your Goals

By Ange Fonce

It is coming to the end of the year and soon will be the start of the next.

Now how many of your goals you set yourself the during the year have you acquired and accomplished?

And if you have not accomplished little or any of your goals... what has been the main reason why not?

This may have happened to you...

You open your eyes the day begins... almost immediately in fact before you start thinking... planning and maybe even slightly worrying about something... you do not know what yet you are on your way to finding out.

You think about what you are going to do first... what you need to get done... what you have left from yesterday and without realizing it you suddenly have a growing list of to dos... so you sit down and write down a few goals and you start feeling productive... these are things that you need to get done... you know why you need to get them done and you want to do them... having done the prep work you decide to tackle your first goal and as you start you get the urge of checking your email or the phone rings or you start on some other project.

And that is okay because you are good at multi tasking and you think it is normal to do 5 things at the same time and as the day goes on there is your voice in your head just churning out more and more things to do as you look back at your growing to do list you realize it has grown since the last time you have seen it... a a pang of doubt creeps in.. so many things you may not get done... you may start feeling overwhelmed thinking that while you are doing a whole lot it does not seem like you can get things done and no matter what reason you have for procrastinating for putting things off it does not really matter... because the reasons why we put things off do not really matter... how is that you ask?

Why The Reasons Why You Procrastinate Do Not Matter

Well because what you really should be looking for is a way for taking action... for changing and getting things done... you need a strategy to accomplish your goals.

This reminds me of a story about a man that had been shot with a poison arrow... he refused to have the arrow removed until the identity of the shooter was found out... he died a slow death because he wanted to know who shot him before taking the arrow out... not something wise if you ask me.

When you want to change your behaviour you do not really need to know what is driving those behaviours there are reasons why they are there although the same behaviours may not be useful to you at this time.

How Do You Change? 

The answer is right in front of your eyes there is something you should know first however... reality is going to get in the way... how real is your reality? 

Oh very real... the thing is and you may not realize it... it is your reality only and before you start thinking this is some Sci Fi mumbo jumbo... hear me out.

Yes you live in the real world where everything is happening right now... that is a fact and you experience reality through a set of limited senses... including how you consciously interpret what is happening at any single moment... reality is infinitely rich and you have an ocean of options to choose from... information coming in all the time in order to navigate reality... to live your lives in essence your mind creates mental maps for you and as you live in the real world and you create your reality... for the most part you are not consciously aware of your maps... you are constantly determining and making assumptions of how the world is based on your own experience of reality... so if you are asking yourself by now if there is a way to access your subconscious mind and more importantly... how?

Because as you may have realized these maps are the key to your behaviours... change the maps change the behaviour... there is a lot behind why you act the way you do... why you do things in a certain way... why you react to certain triggers.... a lot of it is subconscious the programming received by a lifetime of experiences... some taught others picked up consciously or unconsciously.

You fall into particular patters of behaviour and almost like using completely individual filter... you see... feel... listen... taste and interpret reality through your own particular lens and why is this important? 

As it turns out these maps are not set in stone... you can change them and when you change them you essentially are also changing how you do things and actually get to doing them and what is perhaps more important you do not really need to understand why or how they change... for practical purposes all you need is a way to change them.

A Proven Way To Overcome Procrastination

Your mental maps are so close to you that you cannot see the big picture... it is like the saying... 

"When you are too close to the trees to see the forest... it is hard for you to see the whole forest.”

So how do you access and change them?

It is not a new finding... it has actually been around for a while and yet science has begun to give more and more recognition to how by using visualization techniques you can literally change your reality... by using your innate ability to visualize... you can in fact create a mental movie towards which your subconscious mind will strive for and make it into reality... there is mounting evidence that support that your habitual thoughts change what we experience in reality... we all experience reality through our senses and each have a primary way of explaining to ourselves what is real and what is not.

So by changing the way you experience reality in your mind... you can change the output of your behaviours in real life.

How do you do this? 

Through visualization exercises plain and simple... all human being have the capacity to visualize... some of us have another primary way of representing and explaining reality and it does not mean that it you cannot do it... if you can remember someone from your childhood and you can remember whether or not he was slim or fat... in other words how he looked... you are already visualizing... you just need to practice and fine tune this ability.

So what do you do to visualize?

First an explanation... when you visualize yourself at some activity there are two ways you see yourself...

One you see yourself from the outside in... in other words as a third person and the other way is by seeing yourself from the first person as if you were experiencing from inside your body.

For visualization to be effective... you should experiment with both ways to figure out what feels more real to you... in general the more real you can make it... the more emotions are involved... if you can see it... feel it... taste it... smell it the greater the impression it will make on your mental map.


1... Establish a goal and break it down into steps.... start with the end in mind and imagine what it looks like... how does it feel like when you have accomplished it and what the final result is?

2... Work backward... what is this you ask... well what are the steps you took to accomplish your goal... it is much easier to imagine the result of what you want and work out how you got there... than trying to figure out what step to take next.

3... Visualize every day for 30 days a set time frame... 5 minutes will do... having achieved the outcome... how it feels... in that present moment imagine yourself having accomplished your goal.

4... Take action.... here is the thing you can spend years visualizing and without getting the rubber on the road whatever you visualize will not happen.... you have to take action... it is the engine that drives the process... GETTING IT DONE... you already know that the fuel will be your thoughts.

That is it. 

In essence... establish goals... work backwards... visualize for 30 days... take action.

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