Health And Lifestyle Goals Do You Have a Dynamic Plan? 

By Ange Fonce

We live in a society where people are devoted to having toned abs.. and taut behinds than ever... coming up with a diet... or exercise plan is the easiest thing to do... yet learning how to stick to the fitness plan diet... or exercise is the problem... the motivation to stick to a fitness plan fades completely within a week. 

It is not surprising to hear of people who have tried more than 20 diet plans in their lifetime... after trying and failing for a long time... you get frustrated... and give up your goal to have a slim... and toned body... there is no magic pill that will get you to lose 30 pounds in two weeks without any health complications... having a weight loss... fitness plan is the way to go... losing weight... and keeping it off is not a walk in the park... and it is absolutely doable... following your fitness plan should be enjoyable... and it should at least motivate you to want to follow it. 

When you first set a goal... you are full of energy... and completely motivated... and over time those feelings can wane... and your over zealousness can push you to do too much too soon... the fix is to define a progressive set of fitness goals that build on one another to help propel you toward that big dream... or aspiration. 

Breaking a big goal into smaller... realistic goals can help you both mentally... and physically... this method can also help you improve your fitness level gradually... and safely which helps to build confidence... the first step to setting realistic goals is to really think about your goal... and write it down.

Then... ask yourself these three questions to make smaller goals that are within your reach...

1... How big is the goal? 

Is your goal only attainable in three months.. or more? 

If so... make your goals smaller to get you to that long term goal... ideally you should be able to reach the smaller goal in two to six weeks.

2... What does it take to achieve the goal? 

This question addresses your goals frequency... if reaching your goal requires five workouts a week... and you can only get a babysitter two days a week... then you need to scale back your goal... be realistic about what time you have to devote to the goal... and be honest about your fitness level... building your fitness base takes time... and being smart about increasing it will help you stay injury free... as a general rule... never increase your weight lifted... or your minutes exercised by more than 10 percent in any given week... slow... and steady really does win the race!

3... Can you see yourself reaching the goal? 

You want a program that you can stick with for the long haul”... and not just this week... be completely honest with yourself... and ask if you can realistically see yourself doing what it takes to achieve the goal at hand... if you can... and it meets the above criteria... then you probably have a goal.

Setting goals in your fitness plan is the obvious step for anyone planning to lose weight... and maintain the weight loss... failing to plan is planning to fail... it sounds so cliche... and there is no other way to say it... you must have the desire to lose the weight;... most people decide to lose weight just because their mother... brother... sister... friend... or an enemy called them fat. 

Decisions made impulsively are always guaranteed to fail... because once the emotions of anger... embarrassment... that made you make the decision is gone one stop having the desire to fulfil the goal they set. 

Make sure you have the right kind of motivation to lose weight... live a healthy life... or have a diet plan... if you want to follow your fitness plan you can... just do some soul searching to find your motivation... and never lose sight of it... you have to be realistic while setting your goal... lack of practicality is the lethal poison that sends most peoples dreams down the drain... most people come up with unreasonable fitness plans because they act from frustration caused by their emotions. 

You Have To Be Mentally Calm To Make A Sound Decision... 

Just as an example... 

Trying to lose 10 pounds in a week is not a realistic goal for a woman that is only 25 pounds overweight... your body metabolism is amazing... it is always resistant to drastic changes... even though you may succeed in losing the 10 pounds by strenuous exercise... starving... and may be some weight lose pills... maintaining this weight loss is almost impossible... eventually the body puts up strategies to resist further weight loss... and the lost weight is gained very fast... individuals could even gain more than they lost... it takes years for one to become overweight... so setting a reasonable time frame to lose the weight gained over the years is important.

After setting up your goal you need to come up with a plan that you love... you do not have to restrict yourself to juicing if you are not a fan of eating blended vegetables.. or go mountain hiking when you are not accessible to one... when it comes to diets you have to take baby steps to get used to a new diet. 

For example... 

Start by reducing the amount of salt you add to your food... try to cook the food you love with healthy vegetable oils instead of unhealthy ones... you could try using I table spoon of butter instead of three... after you have assimilated yourself to these small steps... take your diet plan to the next level... try to remain calm in order to appreciate the small improvements you are making to change the habits you have had for a lifetime... for exercise... you do not have to go to the gym if you do not want to. 

Make your own exciting workout plans. 

You could decide to jump the rope five minutes a day... and increase the time as the days go by... there are endless exciting ways to exercise... just pick those that excite you... quit trying to compare yourself to someone else because we all have different body types... and endurance rates... the quick fix is never worth it... I would rather you take steps that you can sustain for a lifetime than quick fixes that are only there to stay for a couple of days.

Fitness Plan Execution...

After coming up with a fitness plan that works for you... it is important to start executing it immediately... procrastination is not an option at this point... especially if you love the fitness plan you set up... so mix it up

The problems with fitness plans are too many to exhaust in this article... one of the problems is the tendency for people to rebel against a plan that is too restrictive... you do not have to give up chocolate forever... dump carbohydrates... or count every calorie you put into your mouth. 

Eat a variety of healthy foods... fruits... vegetables... and some starch because you need it for your energy... sticking to the same exercise regimen never yields results... do the same thing you do with your diets... you could decide to go jogging today... go to the gym... or dance to music you love the following day... and just clean up your floor the day after that. 

Switching up your fitness plan is important because it is the only way to make sure you do not get bored... and give up... challenging your body every day is also important to make sure that your Basal Metabolic Rate does not go down.

The Hindrances...

If you want to lose weight... and keep it off... you need to try to get rid of the obstacles in your environment... for instance... if you get rid of impulse foods in your house like prepackaged foods... and high sugar snacks... you will be less prone to sever your diet... you are more likely to eat ice cream at 12pm if you can access it at that time.

Be Flexible...

We all have one of those days when we just cannot avoid severing our fitness plans. 

For example... 

It is unheard of for a mother to refuse to taste her own child's birthday cake... you just have to... you do not have to be annoying at your friend's party by asking for low-calorie beverages... or diet soda... just eat what you feel is enough for you... and be prepared to exercise harder the next day... in fact this is good for you because it provides your body a new challenge to overcome... hence burning more calories.

Lack of flexibility is another reason why most diet and exercise plans never work... inflexible people easily give up their fitness because of frustration... and frustration can make you think that you will never be able to achieve your goal... so you give up.

Fitness Plan Maintenance...

Now that everything is working for you... the following pointers can help you stay stick to your fitness plan.

Stay motivated by acknowledging the progress you have made... this pointer has always helped me through my journey

Do not go it alone... ask other interested people to join you in your journey of living a happy healthy lifestyle.

Find other exciting plans that you can implement... and try them out... whether you are 10... or 300 pounds overweight... or you are just trying to find some tips on how to maintain your fitness plan... it is never too late to change the way feel... look... or live.

As ever... always take care of your Mental Health... and Physical Fitness... you do have the power!

And that concludes my conversation with you for this article.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 


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