When you pursue happiness as a gaol for its own sake, you usually reach the opposite effect of emptiness.

Feeling happy is a by-product of other life experiences.

Happiness comes and goes.

You welcome it and yet cannot capture and hold onto it.

Nor can you create a recipe for acquiring happiness.

You would lead a far more fulfilling life pursuing other values which you do have control over.

Such as honesty, respect for others and yourself... seeking loving relationships, and making a contribution to the well-being of others.

You can accept unhappiness and difficulties without struggle when you know you are doing something that has a meaning, a purpose, an outcome... a goal acquired.

Then you can experience satisfaction... happiness in a task well done.

You can have an inner sense of joy knowing, you are leading a meaningful life... even when you are not having a particularly happy day.

"I wil lseek the goals that make my life worthwhile and meaningful and will welcome happiness when it comes" ~ Ange Fonce

May You Enjoy A Lovely Day

Ange Fonce