The problem with blaming others is that it means you are giving over control of your life to someone else or some extraneous event. 

In order to make real, lasting, and positive changes in your life. 

You need to realize that you are solely responsible for everything that happens to you. 

The only exception to this, is "natural" events of Nature. 

And even then when you gain a level of "understanding" of Nature.

You can at least have some control over predicting Natural events to make "choices!"

When you "understand" that you do have a level of control over both good and bad. 

You just cannot just take the credit for the good stuff! 

You must also take the responsibility for the "bad" stuff.

This notion alone can make many people resistant to change. 

For many people it is a habit to look at something outside yourself for the reason that something bad has happened to you. 

After all, it is a hard thing to admit that you made mistakes because you made ill informed choices. 

It is much easier - and much more comforting - to blame your "bad luck" on something or someone else.

May You Enjoy a Lovely day.

Ange Fonce