Going Beyound Your Comfort Zone

By Ange Fonce

After the first few minutes on the machine I cannot breathe... I am soaked in sweat and there is a thick spit is dripping down my chin.
I would stop if I could and I know I can if I wanted too yet kneeling beside of me is a man... he looks like a man and sound like man and reminds me so much of my days in the Army.
"Get comfortable with the discomfort." 

He says to me.
"Uh huh." 

I say doing another bench press with lose weights.
"This is what it is all about... this is the part that counts."
I try to mutter another uh huh and I cannot... push... breathe push is the rhythm my life at this time... no room for anything else. 
"Stay outside your comfort zone." 

The man says. 
My teeth hurt... my ears ache... my lungs are cooked... my body is burning and I nod and keep pulling... there are numbers... reps to complete and I could recall a time when I knew what they meant and now they made no sense... nothing made sense. 
Except maybe I had died while this monstrous humanoid shouted at me to keep going... why the f69k am I doing this to myself?
I start to slow and he growls
“No Faster... do not slow down... get comfortable with the discomfort.”
The man is my ally right now here to help me and right now I hate him.  
"You are going to make it." 

He says. 
He cannot see the three monsters here to stop me once and for all... they hover above me and today they come in three forms... 

Self criticism. 



Each beckoning me to break the oath that I set for myself that I will finish this no matter how hard it gets. 
The first monster of doubt brings self criticism... 

My legs are too weak... my arms are not strong enough... my rhythm is off... my breathing is wrong... my pace is not right.
"Push again... hard pushes." 

Says the man.
The next monster brings excuses... 

I am not going to make it... I am going to pass out... I am going to puke... I am too weak for this... I am wasting my time... he is going to laugh at me... he is already laughing at me.
"You are going to make it... just ten more presses."
And finally the last of the monsters brings cowardice... 

I will fall off the machine and it will look like an accident and I will get to stop and I will say I have to stop just for a moment... just to catch my breath and I will tell them I am injured and they will let me stop.
“Keep pushing.” 

He says.

He cannot make me do this I know my limits.
“Just a a few more.” 

Says the man. 
F69k this man I want to get off the ride... I am so done.

And then I hear... 
"You are done... you made it." 

Says the man smiling.  
I nod panting and sweating and feeling like death and peel myself off the machine... I stumble a few feet then hit the ground.
The man turns and shouts

"No kneeling."
I nod and ignore him while I suck in mouthfuls of air.
He lifts me up onto my feet and says... 

"Stand up and then catch your breath... never kneel.” 
I nod my ears are ringing... vision blurred... body trembling... I feel sick.
The man holding me up sees another mortal stepping onto the machine... he releases me to stand on my own and I wobble and lean against a nearby wall.
As he walks away he shouts... 

"Get ready to do it again... just a few more rounds of that to go." 

He smiles. 

Comfort was a long forgotten concept for me now and he was breaking me of the limiting beliefs concerning the capabilities of my body. 

He does it by keeping you outside of your comfort zone long enough to dissolve the boundary. 
As I drove back home tired and sore I thought about how I had seen the same three monsters that I had met in the gym hovering around my clients as they worked through their social anxiety.
Self criticism... 

I am unattractive... I do not know what I am doing... I do not have enough money... I am not funny... I am not interesting... I am not dressed well enough... I am too short plus so many more.

This place is too crowded... the music is too loud... they are having a great time without me... it is impolite to interrupt a group... I am not in the right mental state and so many more.

I do not want people to see me fail... I will get my friend to start the conversations... I could talk to them but I do not want to... that person is not my type... I should just go home and so many more.
When the monsters of doubt pop their head up... you must fight them!
Fight the monsters because they want you to fail and at the end of the day only you can stand up to them. 
Each time you step outside your comfort zone your ego will take a beating and the ego like steel in a blacksmiths forge must be pressed into the flame and hammered into shape. 
If you need a friend or a coach find one and get them to push you. 
If you feel like it is too much or too hard then you are in exactly the right place. 
Self criticisms are lists of areas to improve an excuse is a signpost that you are going the right way and when you want to run you are probably one step from breaking through your comfort zone
Remember there is no growth inside your comfort zone so as the man in the gym put it... 

"Get comfortable being uncomfortable."

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