It is understandable that generosity creates trust, and also worth noting that trust is required to provide and receive generosity. 

It is one reason why it seems so difficult to trust a genuine generous man or woman. 

You do not know them so it is difficult to trust their sincerity.

Trust takes time to be invested in. 

Earning this trust, in an effort to be generous, is time consuming and dissuades some from going down this path... they want the quick result instead of building for the long term gain.

Sharing freely is a crucial element in our perception of generosity... when someone takes the time to share a finite resource, one that they cannot ever expect to be repaid for, generosity happens. 

So doing "favours" is not the same as being generous... because favours imply a sort of gift economy of repayment being due.

Kindness also rides partner with generosity... when someone is generous with us and does it begrudgingly, just this one time... with a "do not ask again, face scrunched with tension and attitude," then no, it does not feel generous and certainly lacks "kindness."

There is also the generosity that we feel when someone comes with right intent... they share because they can, because turning on a light for themselves also turns on a light for others.

Vulnerability, is a key element of what it is to be human, the vulnerability of showing up and caring and connecting, even if at the time, it might not resonate... and yes, vulnerability builds trust, all in an endless cycle.

And the killer of generosity is bitterness... thinking that life owes you something, feeling like people owe your something... the reality is... life is just life and no one owes you anything... the truth is your life "sucks" because your "attitude" SUCKS!

We long to connect, all of us, we long to be noticed, to be cared for, we want "who" we are to matter and have "meaning" and "value" to others. 

Generosity is the invisible salve on our wound of feeling alone in a world that does not seem to care, 

One that benefits both sides... the giver and the receiver... over and over again.

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce