Fumbling And Stumbling Your Way To Greatness

By Ange Fonce

One reason people who spend a lot of time thinking about and working on a problem or a project seem to find breakthroughs more often than everyone else is that they have failed more often than everyone else.

And through their "failures"... if they are "smart"... learn how to find "solutions" to solve their problems and deal with their failures.

So... what will you do next?

What can you learn tomorrow?

Where will you live... who will you connect with... who will you trust?

Are questions better than answers? 

Maybe it is easier to get a dummies book... a tweet... a facebook post or a checklist than it is to think hard about what is next.

It is certainly easier to go shopping. 

And easier still to buy what everyone else is buying.

Then to "really think"... about "how" you want your life to be.

You live in an extraordinary moment... with countless degrees of freedom. 

The instant and effortless connection to a billion people changes everything... and instead... most find themselves paralyzed with fear... a fear so widespread that you might not even notice it.

You have more choices... more options and more resources than any generation... ever.

And that is a BIG part of the problem... to many "choices"... to may "options"... to much "information"... and you become overloaded... and shut down.

So... instead of making a "choice"... choosing an "option"... focusing on a "direction."... most go shopping instead and buy the same things they always buy.

It is "safer" that way. 

Yet... what if you are that "individual" who wants to make your own "choices"... who wants to have your own "options"... you do kinda have a "direction"... what then?

There is a three step ladder... I call this... 

Matches... Candle... Light Switch.




Awareness is when you and others know you exist. 

Personal Awareness Is Sexy.

You do not need to be known by everyone... or even most people... merely the right ones who "know" you are there.

Personal Awareness probably is not as much of your problem as you think it is.

Personal Awareness seeking... is "empowering"... and easy to measure.

The knock... knock part of the knock... knock joke... the person who has interest and trust to want to know more. 

You start off with a "box of matches" and you are "fumbling" around looking for the "candle" you have been told is there.

Then usually... just as you use your last match... you find the "candle" and light it up.

Now... you can see and are "aware" of much more... as you "stumble" around... learning as you go.

This Is Then Education.

Education is the story you tell... the transfer of information and emotion from you to those who are un aware... and aware alike. 

The problem is so many "un aware" are to self absorbed to educate well... yet there are others who are "aware"... and will "connect" with you... seeing your burning candle.

And will even "enable" you... as "education" takes and "investment"... and "commitment" of time

Education takes many forms... and without a doubt... "personal experience" is the most trusted and high impact way to educate.

Then just as your candle is about to burn out... you find... or are shown the "light switch."

Action Is The Next Step.

This is the one that you will be "measured" by... if you "skip" the first two steps to do this one... you will regret it.

Natural "progressive actions" happen more often than ones that require a leap... as "anticipated action" generates fear... and in turn... "avoidance."

Later... is a much more likely response than "no"... when you are "empowering" others to move forward.

Most people are not going to act... they would sooner go shopping... yet there will be certain "individuals"...and you treat them well... encourage them at their pace... they WILL find the "light switch"... because you "know" were the switch is... and "how" to get them there. 

And they might just tell their friends about you as well.

So... you are no longer "stumbling and fumbling" around.

Instead... you are confidently... "enabling" others to find their own personal "light switch."

And it is always a "bonus" when you have a coach and mentor... to enable YOU... to be where the "light switch" is!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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