Flakers And The "I Will Call You" Line 

By Ange Fonce

They seem like a promising prospect until they flake out on your meet up with them.

Flakers...do you not just hate them... what are they about exactly... playing hard to get or just not interested?

I can understand why men and women become confused... upset and angry about other men and women who flake... especially once they know about the tests both men and women apply. 

Yet it is simpler than it seems most of the time

Let us use a typical example...

A man arranges to meet up with a woman... because it is often the man who takes a woman out and she says at the end of it... 

"I will call you." 

And then she never does or as a woman you are seeing a man and he just goes poof after a few meet ups and never to be heard from again... no explanation... no "see you later"... no nothing. 

So in order to understand a bit more about men and women who flake... it might pay to think about and understand more as to why men and women would say they are going to call and then do not or say they want to meet up again and do not finalize the arrangements.

In other words... both men and women like an easy way out from taking the responsibility to say outright to someone that they do not want to see them again... so they opt for the easy yet dishonest brush off. 

Not particularly nice to experience when you are on the receiving end of them basically being dishonest... and it happens... so as a decent man or woman with integrity... you have to accept this and get used to it. 

Because at the essence of the flaker... is a man or woman who is not all that attracted to you and cannot be honest in letting you know that... so they take the easy option for them and flake.

Even the most hard to get man or woman is going to show up for the man or woman he or she is really attracted too... they might play a bit coy and not be available for the initial meet up you suggested... yet they are unlikely to actually flake.

And of course then there is the boundary thing... what man or woman who possess integrity would flake? 

Well... it could be argued that none would and in most cases that would be true... yet men and women are human too... and it is easier to be positive and“non committal about a proposed meet up together and then not answer the follow up call or text... especially when he or she is not that attracted or invested in the man or woman who they have just met or have meet up with a couple of times... they enjoy the attention... they like having options and are not going to commit conclusively to a meet up until they considered all their options or in their mind... until something better comes up.

If a man or woman is consistently being non committal and vague in response to your invitations or suggestions... then cut the tie... they are playing you.

Trust this much... when either a man or a woman is very attracted to another man or woman... they will... even despite themselves...make room for him or her in their life and prioritize them... they might be cool about that for a while and they might purposely or genuinely not be to agree to the first suggestions you make... yet they will make room for you eventually. 

If they miss your call... they will get back to you... they may delay responding to texts and they may do other things that make you wonder... yet they will not outright flake... and if they do... it will not be a consistent or ongoing thing... it could be that they live a full life and cannot always make the time to be with you and will let you know.

Test them and pass their tests... yet do not keep on keeping on if it continues 9 times out of 10... flakers are just not worth it. 

You may ask me... 

"Why are most men and women not more straightforward?" 

Well... sometimes it is because they fear the reaction from us cool dynamic men and women because of the crazy men or women they have experienced in their past... also many men and women flake because they are afraid to be in an awkward situation. 

What would you do if you ran into someone you had not seen in a while... say an old time favourite boy or girl from school... and you suggested meeting up together for a drink... they may remember you fondly... be thankful for the times you shared when you were 13 and they might even be glad to run into you again... yet they still might be hesitant about following through on meeting up with you later... there is something at stake here... what if you do not have enough to talk about one on one for an hour? 

And they think... 

"Maybe it is better to keep my memories and savour the pleasant chance encounter and leave it at that." 

So they flake on you.

What drives both men and women crazy is the not knowing why they have flaked out on you? 

Your intuition tells you something is amiss and they deny it and then disappear... leaving you wondering what you did wrong and why they could not just tell you? 

There are lots of dynamics in that last sentence... I could write many more articles on this subject in all honesty and to be fair to both genders... flaking is about a lack of emotional immaturity and disrespect for the other person... the confusing thing for you is that these men and women play hard to get and are taught to give a genuine men and women the chase... so how are you to know if they doing that or just are not interested? 

It is a fine line... and I know that 90% of the time when a woman is attracted to me and she will not flake outright... unless it is something she has to deal with that needs her urgent attention... the vast majority of decent men and women will phone you to tell you they cannot make it and will ask to reschedule meeting up with you.

For myself personally... I have my fare share of flakers both professionally and personally and I have learned a lot about from the experience and I do not let it affect me... my attitude now is that I am ready to go and my mindset is "game on"... I have no time for flakers and people who waste my time... the game is always on... no matter where you are and what you are doing... every man or women you meet is an opportunity to get to know them... so when a man or a woman flakes on you... which will happen... do not let it upset you... and do not waste your time on them. 

Instead... reframe the experience... it is a measure of them and not you... they are the one who failed your test by not showing up... and it reveals their lack of confidence... respect and integrity by not being honest with you... you do not have to do anything except move on...  “next please!” 

Confident... dynamic men and women do not go chasing after flakers and waste their time worrying about why he or she did not turn up... they attract other men and women... who like them possess integrity and have a dynamic life of their own to get on with and keep to what they say! 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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