Mark Twain said... 

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear is not absence of fear." 

Do not think you are doing it wrong if you still have fear... fear is natural.

Proceeding in the face of that fear is the courage you need in order to grow and to become more.

What fear did for me

Personally, I have felt a lot of fear, and I am glad for it. 

Fear is the reason I have been able to build the life I have today, which is honestly pretty amazing.

If a serious financial crash had not scared the pants off of me a few years ago, I never would have tried the internet to build tp help build my business.

If I had not seen enough uncertain situations, I would never have realized that there is no spoon... that the safety net is just an illusion. 

That Life throws "curve balls" and has no respect of where it throws them or who at!

Without uncertainty and fear, I never would have figured out that (overly woo-woo or not) things really do seem to happen for a reason. 

That there is a "synchronicity" to what may appear as "chaotic" and random.

Chaos has a natural order.

And for that reason, if you do not exercise some control over your life or have a sense of purpose... life will stomp all over you.

Life is unfair, get use to it and stop bitching. 

If you are often unsure how things are going to turn out and if that really scares you, then I say:.. awesome.

I say... you are on the right track.

If you face your fears, track them down, and then find a way to use them the way Muad'Dib faced and then rode the big scary sandworms in the sci-fi classic Dune, then congratulations, you really do have it all figured out and you have figured out that the key to a great life is being okay with not having it figured out at all.

You have found the wisdom in uncertainty... you have realized that the key to being amazing is doing the things that frighten you.

Keep it up... deal with your fears about uncertainty, and move forward in spite of them.

I would close by saying to not be afraid, and that would kind of be missing the point.

Enjoy life instead of fearing it.

May You Enjoy A Beautiful And Prosperous Day.

Ange Fonce