Failure Is An Idea You Create In Your Mind

By Ange Fonce

Growth is painful because you have been avoiding a thousand and one pains in your life. 

By avoiding your pain's and fears you cannot destroy them... they go on accumulating. 

You go on swallowing your pains... they remain in your system. 

That is why personal growth is painful.

When you start growing... when you decide to grow... you have to face all the pains that you have repressed... you cannot just bypass them... failure is an "idea" you have "created" in your "mind!" 

When you have a constant "negative mindset"...  full of "negative thoughts"... full of poverty of character. 

Success and "happiness" is not an option. 

You will always see problems as the what "if" the "but" or "maybe"... the "should" and "should not." 

You have have already self sabotaged yourself before any attempt is even made... you expect failure and failure will be the result. 

So you can tell yourself... 

"I told you so."

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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