Experiencing A New System Other Than The Prevailing System

By Ange Fonce 

The most common reason for systemic biases and "keeping things" as they are... is usually benign.

As "most people" are "comfortable" with what they know and feel "safe" with.

Any form of "change" is challenging for "most people"... as it upsets their "comfort zone."

Such excuses will be... 

"Most people cannot use this." 

Or most people do not "think" like you or most people will not benefit. 

Which  has an element of truth to a certain degree for "most people."

Yet... are YOU... "most people?"

Over time... the bias in favour of "most people" becomes more ingrained... and often serves as a barrier to progressive and dynamic change for an "individual"... and reinforcing the power of the dominant group... who speak on behalf of "most people?"

I am well aware that much of what I create is dynamic and difficult to engage with for "most people" with certain way of "thinking" or cultural backgrounds. 

As the dynamics of "most peoples" thinking... often means that the standard for "most people" is maintained, usually far longer than it need to be. 

The NEW... and creative ways of "thinking"... is a beautiful reminder that you need to actively and dynamically engage with your life and re-think some of the paradigms about race, gender, intelligence and  ability that "most people" have assumed are normal behaviours... which are not that normal after all.

For me, the breakthrough here is permitting yourself, even for a little while, to understand that those men and women people who are not like "most people" and are not like those in power. 

You have the ability to think "dynamically" in order to engage with the present systems that have been built... and either create "new" and "better" systems for yourself and "improve" existing ones for "most people." 

A dynamic man and woman is not one who just draws up good plans and creates dynamic systems... it is not enough that you are right. 

It matters when what you create gets built... you get it DONE.

And you and "most people" enjoy the benefits of the WIN WIN!

Thank You.

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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