Exercise At Work And At Home Gives You Energy The Dynamic Way

By Ange Fonce

Okay... you are heading into one of those weeks...

You “know” the week from hell where it seems all your “procrastination” is coming around to bite you?

When all you want is some slow “down time?”

When you realize that you might have to ration trips to the bathroom and meals in order to get everything done that you need to do?

You know what I mean... they come up all the time when you run a business... or run a family... and it gets even more complicated when you are doing both at home... funny how these weeks so often coincide with when the kids are home from school and your dishwasher just broke... in other words... you will get no sympathy from life... sometimes it just piles on... especially when you both work and live at home.

Yet there is a “simple” and “powerful” way to give yourself more “energy” when these weeks hit... what is this simple formula?

It is to “exercise!”

Unfortunately more often than not we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot by nixing this very thing that will “help” you get out of this hole... if there is one thing that is tempting to drop when the going gets tough... it is “exercising”... and as you are about to discover... this is absolutely the worst thing to shunt to the side.

I have hit many weeks like this when I feel I dare not leave the computer because I have “projects” to complete by a self imposed “deadline”... and the “reality” has always been that by “strategically fitting movement” into my day... I am more “productive” and always “get more done.”

Now... I am going to “share” with you some “inspiring information” about “how exercise” will “help” you face off with a crunch time.

Why This Information Will Help You Exercise More...

Now before we hit this part... take a minute and consider this...

Once again... I have an ulterior motive for talking about these special crunch time “benefits of exercise.”

When you finish reading this article... you will have a “great new tool” for taking on “tight schedules”... and that is not all... you will have something with even “bigger benefits”... you will have a “motivation” to “exercise” that will work for you... I do not need to tell you “how” hard it is to get yourself to “exercise”... I experience it too even though I talk about “exercise” a lot... and too often you try to “inspire yourself” with visions of you in your old slim jeans... and at best getting there will take a couple months.

Or you try to use dire warnings of clogged arteries as a “motivational tool”... even though this may be years away... ideally you will never face these gruesome arteries if you “exercise” enough... so in some ways you never “know” the difference since we are shooting for the absence of heart disease... so unless you are recovering from a heart attack... this becomes a very “abstract goal” to “motivate” yourself with...  these long term “goals” are real... and sometimes hard to use for “motivation”... so "focusing" on "short term goals" is far more "motivating!"

The following “benefits” from “exercise” are different... they are things you can “feel immediately” when you get moving... they will help you from day one when you add “exercise” to your routine... and by taking note of “how” they “help” you get through your day... you can continue to “inspire" and "motivate" yourself” to “exercise” the next day... and the next... until viola! 

You look in the mirror and there is this "fit... slim... toned" and "attractive... sexy" YOU... plus you FEEL GREAT about yourself!

Not only are you getting the “immediate benefits” listed below... you will get to enjoy the longer range ones as well.

So let us get going... and keep reading to find out exactly "how exercise” can make all the difference when you are under the gun.

Exercise At Work Gives You Energy...

You tend to “think” about “exercise” as “requiring energy”... and it does... and it also “gives us energy” in “tremendous amounts”... it busts through “lethargy” like a bullet... and fights “fatigue” like the nothing else.

I have had many a days when I am dragging my feet... and I am sure you know the “feeling” especially after I have pulled a long night working to finish a project... years ago I used to reach for caffeine from coffee or chocolate... or sugar... not now... "workout" or a "walk!"

In Dynamic Health And Lifestyle System I explain how these two "energy loan sharks" can rob you of "energy"... and I discuss some alternatives... and over the last few years I have turned to "exercise"... and the Science shows that I am actually tapping into the “better source of energy.”

In 2006... the Psychology Bulletin published a review of 70 studies on “exercise” and “fatigue”... after looking at these studies that involved 6800 people... they found some very “convincing evidence”... that 90% of the participants reported “feeling more energy” after “exercising more.”

And it gets better... these studies included cancer patients,...older people and younger people... people with heart disease and healthy people... across the board... the conclusion was the same... “movement” made people “feel more energized”... and here is the “interesting thing”... some of the studies indicated that “exercise” worked better than stimulants medications like the ones prescribed for ADHD or narcolepsy. 

Another study sheds some light on this... when researchers had 20 healthy young men run on treadmills for 30 minutes they found a very tell tale sign of the “energy... exercise” link in their urine samples... your body makes a special chemical called phenylethylamine PEA... it is part of what gives you that "runner's high" and is associated with “mood... energy” and “attention”... on the other side of things... people struggling with depression have lower than normal amounts of PEA.

On average... the PEA in these exerciser's urine increased by a whopping 77%!

So next time you "feel" like you need a dose of coffee... “create” your own “energy chemistry” and go do a short “exercise break” instead. 

In the Fitness Module of Dynamic Health And Lifestyle System... I provide you with a “full plan” for “how” to make this part of your day along with “specific exercises” you can do anywhere... you will most likely be pleasantly surprised... “how” these simple workout routines “create” more “energy” for you.

Exercise Helps You Feel Confident At Work And Every Day Life...

How “essential” is your "confidence" for you in your business and life? 

Think about when you are facing off with a huge challenging project? 

Or reaching out to that client? 

Or making a speech at a conference?  

Or negotiating a contract?

Or “meeting up” with someone new?

Or dealing with "problems" in your relationships?

Healthy Esteem and Confidence are the “factors” you need on your side.

When analysts looked at the data from 51 studies looking at “exercise” and “esteem” they found a consistent trend across age groups studied.

Exercise Boosts Personal Esteem...

And contrary to what you might expect... the most significant “confidence booster” was simple “aerobic exercise” and not complicated sports or specific motor skills... simply moving on its own did it... and here is something even more “interesting”...  while “body image” is undoubtedly a factor in this...  it is not everything.

As researchers in Cambridge University discovered when working with overweight kids... the significant change in “personal esteem” started way before there were any “physical changes”... in other words... you will not have to wait to see a sleeker you to “feel better” about yourself... just by moving more during the day... you will experience more “confidence.”

Now this research is interesting... and perhaps not as essential if you try it out... I “know” for a fact that when I “exercise” I feel like have “accomplished” something that spills over into my other tasks... and then when I combine this with the "energy gains" discussed previously... it is a killer combination!

Exercise Helps You Manage Stress...

Stress is an inevitable part of running a business and a home... and of course there is no short supply of stress when a crunch hits... and “exercise” helps here too.

Volumes of research show that “exercise” reduces “anxiety” and “depression” and forms of “stress”... and now researchers are looking into “why”... and it is very interesting... it seems that when you “exercise”... your body produces more of a neurotransmitter called nor epinephrine...  particularly in regions of the “brain” involved in the “stress response.”

Nor epinephrine has intrigued brain researchers because it seems to play a key role in connecting the brain regions involved in emotional and stress response... researchers hypothesize that this neurotransmitter does not necessarily reduce the “stress response”... it makes your bodies “stress response” more efficient... in other words... it helps your body deal with “stress better.”

When you “exercise”... you are forcing your “body” and “mind” to work together... you are pushing all your “bodily systems” to support the activity... so more nor epinephrine makes sure that your body can produce a well coordinated response to “stress”... and here is the other reason “exercise” is so good for “stress.”

Your “stress response” was “developed” when you were worried about predators stalking you... so when you get “stressed”... your “body” prepares you “physically” to move and “think” quickly... your blood sugar levels go up... your pulse quickens and your body is primed to react... these “changes” are triggered by “stress hormones” like cortisol and epinephrine.

Yet in these modern times... when you get “stressed“ it is rarely due to a threat of something that requires a “physical response”... usually you are tense because of a tough project... a difficult client or a conflict with a family member... you cannot sprint away from these problems... so your body does not have the “opportunity” to use the “chemical changes” the “stress” has induced... you are not sprinting from a hungry lion... the increase in “stress hormones” and their effects is high blood sugar levels... increased blood pressure and more... will linger a lot longer in your body.

And when you “exercise”... you do what our body is “chemically primed” to do and that “helps” restore you to a “healthy stress hormone” level... evidence shows that when you “exercise regularly”... the 24 hour baseline of your “stress hormones” starts to diminish as well... this is particularly “important” for you as you get older... when a 16 year old levels of the “stress hormone” cortisol go up... it usually dissipates within 24 hours... with older adults... the cortisol can remain in your system for as long as 3 days... a wise old adage explains this... 

“What does not kill you makes you stronger.” 

Exercising does increase the levels of “stress hormones” temporarily... and over the long term “regular exercise” decreases the baseline of these hormones in your system... when you “exercise”... you “help” your body adjust to “stress”... the nor epinephrine “helps” coordinate your response... and overall your bodies “stress threshold” goes up... so the next time something that would have “stressed” you hits you... it does not really pack the same punch.

Physically... you can take it like a veteran.

So When Crunch Time Hits... Go Exercise...

So no more “excuses”... no more pushing “exercise” to the back burner because you are under the gun... here you have “three terrific reasons” to “exercise”... especially when the pressure is on... and exactly when you are most likely to give up on a workout is when you need it the most.

If these all seems like just abstract data to you... test it yourself... take good notes on how you “feel” after a short exercise bout... and “how much you get done”... monitor “how you feel” at the end of the day... at the end of the week... by doing so you can see for yourself “how” well this works... I have certainly noticed the results.

And better yet... when you take note of these “immediate benefits” of “exercise”... you send a message to your “brain” that your “brain” will file away in the “I like this” category... you will instinctively start finding a way to fit it in... no matter what challenges you are facing off with.

And to finish up with... I personally put aside each day one and half hours to exercise... 40 minutes each day to “workout” either doing Yoga or using my free weights... and each day at least a 40 minute walk... it keeps me “fit... slim” and “healthy” and my “mind” sharp and “focused!”

And the “benefits” of this to me... is I am far more “productive” in the “investment” of “my time”... get “things done” and live a “low stress” and “wealthy lifestyle.”

Do not “underestimate” the many “benefits” of “exercise!”

And practically speaking... that completes my conversation for this article.

As always... leave a man or woman all the "better" for "knowing" you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an Author... Speaker... Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant and Sexologist... who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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