Easy Simple Guaranteed Vanilla And Free Advice

By Ange Fonce

That kind of "advice" on the face of things... seems like the perfect advice, and the advice that spreads, the advice you seek.

Of course, advice that is easy... simple... guaranteed... vanilla and free is not worth very much and it's "real value" is worth what to you? 

Because if that "vanilla advice" worked, you would have done it already... and so would the rest of us!

No... the advice that is worth seeking out is really difficult to execute.... it means an "investment" of your  time or money... or both,.. and it might not work. 

Because it involves you taking "risks" and stretching yourself beyond what you know already and into "new" experiences and unfamiliar environments.

Such advice requires to you to become DYNAMIC!

Hey... if it is worth asking for advice and paying for it and "investing" your time... because you VALUE it! 

Then it has to be worth doing the hard stuff once you get it and put that "advice" into ACTION... so you "make it happen" and "get it done"... right?

Would you not agree that advice that adds DYNAMIC VALUE to your life... and empowers you to enjoy the WIN WIN... the majority of the time... is worth the hard work and investment?!

If not... then there is plenty of easy... simple... guaranteed... vanilla and free advice out there... the world is awash with it.

It's the "average" way.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!
Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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