Dynamic Lifestyle Tips To Help You Shift Your Fat?

By Ange Fonce

Do you know that by making these simple changes to your eating habits and lifestyle you will burn fat a lot faster.

Unless you burn fat while either losing weight or building muscle mass... the gaining of your lean dynamic body will be difficult and your hard earned muscles will be hidden. 

The quickest way to fail on your fat fighting mission is through a lack of discipline and even if you are properly motivated... you need to ensure you are not making silly mistakes that will stall your progress.
I have seen some of my clients make critical and common errors... yet achieve amazing results when they corrected them... this is my definitive list of what you can do to avoid common pitfalls that prevent you achieving a lean hard body. 

It assumes that you are not doing any of the things that obviously impede weight loss and cause poor health... such as drinking large amounts of alcohol or not exercising.

Banish Stress

You are more than likely asking now...

"Ange what has stress to do with weight loss?"

It has lots to do weight loss actually... minimizing stress lowers your cortisol levels... it is well established that chronically high cortisol results in fat gain... particularly around the middle... no matter how much you exercise or how healthy your diet... you will struggle to lose weight if your cortisol is elevated.

It took me some time to figure this out for myself... I was fit and worked out... yet I still carried flab... now I include yoga and meditation in my daily routine and changed my thinking patterns and that stubborn flab has melted away.

Get Plenty Of Vitamin C...

Vitamin C can help balance the cortisol spikes that occur while you are stressed and as well as being a good way to boost you immune system and prevent colds... vitamin C is also essential for making carnitine... a compound that helps your body with the process of turning fat into fuel... if you are going through a particularly stressful period then increase your vitamin C and it will go some way to help counteract the negative side effects. 

Now... do not just drink a load of orange juice to up your intake... many so called fruit juice drinks may be a vitamin C source and often such drinks are also full of sugar... even though it is naturally occurring it will still hamper your weight loss efforts. 

Try including more chilli peppers.. kale. and kiwi fruit in your diet... these all have even more vitamin C than oranges... along with a host of other health benefits.

Train With Weights

Strength training is essential for weight loss because it burns calories while improving insulin sensitivity... and glucose uptake... it is preferable to cardio training because it produces a more favourable muscle building response and burns more fat. 

For the best results follow a period strength training program that changes regularly... so you are not doing the same thing for longer than two months and include anaerobic sprints.

Do Not Avoid Fat...

Avoiding fat to shift fat from your body may seem logical and when you appreciate the role of fat in the body you will realize it is not... you need a decent amount of good fat in your diet because all the cells in your body are made up of two layers of fats or lipids... which are composed of good fats or bad fats depending on the type that is predominant in your diet. 

If the cell lipid layers are made up of healthy fats... it will make them more sensitive to insulin and allow the receptors to bind more easily which is necessary for good metabolism and energy production... of course removing trans fats from your diet is essential because they will make you fat and then they will kill you.

So if you eat a lot of "processed" food in your diet... get rid of it as most processed food is full of those unhealthy trans fats and instead of losing fat you will keep it stored on your body.

Balance Your Fat Intake

To get a balanced intake you ideally want a nearly equal ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fats. 

Most men and women get way too many omega 6 fats because they are abundantly found in the most commonly used vegetable oils... Omega 3 fatty acids are those that come from fish oil... usually known as DHA... EPA and ALA and they also are found in grass fed beef and wild meats. 

So for better insulin health and body composition I suggest taking a high dose omega 3 supplement and eating wild meat and fish.

Take A Pro biotic... 

Probiotics are tiny bacteria that live naturally in the gastrointestinal tract and are commonly found in dairy products such as yoghurt... it is difficult to lose weight if you do not have a healthy gut. 


More than half the neurotransmitters that send messages from the brain to cells and hormone receptors throughout the body are made in the gastrointestinal lining... if your gut is not healthy it negatively affects the production of the neurotransmitters... leading to poor cognitive function... low mood and lack of motivation to exercise. 

Gut health is also essential because it improves digestion. 

Your metabolism will be supported so that nutrients are broken down... absorbed and used by the body effectively.

Top Up Your Nutrients...

Another method for supporting digestion and fat loss is to make sure you have adequate stomach acid to break down food. 

Take a hydrochloric acid supplement to improve acid levels in the stomach and to allow your body to completely break down food or if you want a more natural source... use sea salt!

The increased acid levels in the stomach will improve the absorption of protein... calcium... vitamin B... magnesium... zinc... iron and other basic nutrients.

Get A Good Night's Sleep

When you are tired you produce more of the hunger stimulating hormone called ghrelin... which triggers cravings for sugar and other foods that will do your waistline no favours. 

Losing sleep can also alter your hormone production... which affects your cortisol levels and can cause insulin sensitivity... one of the main offenders when it comes to seemingly unshiftable belly flab. 

Getting seven to eight hours of sleep a night is one of the best things you can do if you want to lose weight and reveal your abs.

Start Your Day With Protein...

Skipping meals will set you up to fail to lose weight and eating breakfast is one of the simplest healthiest things you can do to feel better... have more energy and it is vital that it includes protein. 

Cereal is bad for breakfast because it is typically packed with sugar and additives... setting the neurotransmitters up for the day is the reason a high quality protein breakfast is essential. 

The macronutrient content of the food you eat for breakfast will prime the chemicals that send messages from the brain to all your muscles and tissues throughout the whole day. 

Your mind and health are worth it so take care of your Mental Health and Physical Fitness

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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