Drop These 5 Success Killers

By Ange Fonce

This article will take about 2 minutes to read and may just save you 2 years of your precious time. 

Read on and enjoy!

1... Give Up Short-Termism. 

Successful people know for their goals to manifest it takes time and they must be focussed over the long term. 

They realise it is their daily HABITS that incrementally create the results they want. 

This is how they build their health, fitness, relationships, confidence and competence in any skill they want to master. 

2... Give Up The Need To Be Validated By Other People. 

Successful people do what is right and not what is popular and keep integrity with themselves. 

Far to many people do not live the lives they want to because they fear other people will disapprove, judge or reject them. 

As a result they subtly begin to shrink down to fit in. 

Successful people ARE very often judged initially for their ideas, beliefs and actions, and they recognise this goes with the territory and they become even more determined. 

3... Give Up Blame And Excuses. 

Successful people find the reasons why they they CAN and WILL achieve the results they want. 

When they take action and things do not go well they do not look for an excuse for the result that they have no control over. 

Instead they look for a reason for the result that is connected to something they can influence or change the next time. 

This is the essence of personal empowerment, the hallmark of a true leader

They operate from a  belief that there is no such thing as failure and instead only feedback. 

By implementing the feedback they know they will soon get the very results they set out to achieve. 

One of their consistent habits is to feed their mind with new an innovative ways to improve their lives

They believe personal development should never be a one time event yet an ongoing and never-ending commitment to themselves and those they love so they can be the best they can possibly be. 

4... Give Up Playing Safe. 

Successful people are risk takers. 

Their primary need is NOT to be comfortable, safe and secure and instead adventure, challenge, change, growth and contribution. They think big and get a vision of possibility. 

In their mind if they are going to do something they might as well go for it rather than dip their toe in the water. 

In fact they are often first to dive into the swimming pool and proclaim... 

“It is fine once your in." 

This is because they are early adopters and embrace and move quickly into new ways and technology months if not years ahead of most people. 

5... Give Up The Need To Say Yes. 

Successful people know the most precious of all commodities is TIME and they are ultra careful about what and who they give it to. 

They have an acute awareness of when their time is being wasted and will very quickly interrupt someone who is waffling and not getting to the point. 

They have no problem in turning down opportunities that are not in alignment with their goals and or values

They are okay saying no and will not give a white lie about why it is a no and instead say it is just not for me. 

Truly successful people also schedule time in their diary for themselves and their family BEFORE they schedule in work appointments. 

If they have kids they will diarise all their children's school holidays. 

They even go out of their way to talk with teachers to get the dates of sports days and on stage performances so they do not miss those once in a lifetime magic moments. 

So What To Do Now? 

Life does not have to be an imbalance of financial success, happiness, fitness or family life, you can have it all. 

Yet it takes a shift in mindset AND skill set. 

People from all walks of life discover how to break free from the shackles of a conventional life, find their inner power and create the lives they are truly capable of living. 

Mind you it is not for the feint hearted and I pull no punches and from the people who have attended it is clear my methods work. 

So if you are looking to break free from the mundane and reach your personal and professional potential why not check out Dynamic Life Development Systems for yourself?

It might just be the best thing you do this year! 

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Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

1... A person with a penchant for Science... creativity... books... writing... communication... fitness... sexing... sexuality... human relationships... psychology... physiology and any other area involving heavy use of the Intellect.

2... A bright person and Intelligent!

3... Ange is Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Coach... Sexologist who works with those men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become creators of their own life... relationships and wealth! 

4... As ever always leave a man or a woman all the better for knowing you. 

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