Fearlessness is not the same as the absence of fear.

The fearless men and women are well aware of their fears and what they face. 

Their fear, though... becomes a compass to warn them and not a barrier that stops them from evolving. 

It becomes a way to know what to do next and not some kind of demon to be extinguished.

When you deny your fear... you make it stronger... your fear wants to be experienced.

When you reassure the voice in your head by rationally reminding it of everything that will go right... you actually reinforce it... to "doubt" and to asks "questions" is a very healthy way of staying alive

Pushing back on your fear does not make you brave and it does not make you fearless... it can make you very "stupid!" 

Acknowledging your fear and moving on is a very different approach... one that permits your fear to exist in a useful way... without strengthening it.

Life without fear does not last very long... you will be run over by a bus (or a boss) before you know it. 

The fearless man or woman... on the other hand... sees the world as it really is (fear included) and then makes smart (and brave) reasoned decisions.

And then they move forward.

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day.

Your Sincerely

Ange Fonce