Relevance is the only security that exists in today's uncertain world.

We live in a time of vast and uneasy change, where economic, social and political turmoil has become the rule, rather than the exception. 

Nowhere is this clearer than in the world of relationships.

With all these forces exerting great pressure on us individually and our relationships.

Picking the right partner to be with to face all these challenges is becoming increasingly crucial.

In this ever increasing chaotic world, to be relevant means being an integral part of your organization, of your company, of the economy, and of the future. 

And in your relationships, being a "team player" where you both work together for the benefit of each other.

It means being the kind of person on whom others depend, whether for leadership, expertise, acumen, or emotional support.

What is the "Secret" to be more relevant?

Be More Authentic

Being authentic entails knowing who you are at the deepest level, "being" that person in your internal thought processes, and finally appearing to others as you are, without pretense or phoniness. 

Authenticity is the foundation of relevance because if you do not understand who you are, and where you are "coming from, you ca not possibly lead or influence others."

You achieve authenticity through a rigorous inventory of your strengths and a systematic mapping of the moments in your life when you have been both highly effective and extremely satisfied. 

When put into practice, authenticity allows you to "be real" and "in the moment," to effortlessly practice the fine art of listening, and to have the courage to speak the truth, without "signing up" for how you think others might perceive you.

Achieve More Mastery

Mastery is essential because, if you have no useful skills, you cannot be useful to others. 

Mastery goes beyond mere competence and skills. 

It means approaching one's life and relationships as an act of creation, rather than a reaction to people and events. 

It means approaching lifelong learning with a sense of fun that adds pleasure and energy to the tasks at hand. 

It means expanding your principles and practices so that they serve a greater purpose.

You achieve mastery through a process of continuous improvement of your talents and abilities, combined with a life model that stresses the importance of both the professional and the personal.

Developing mastery requires the ability to put first things first, to take action before it is forced upon you, and to stay mindful while taking action. 

This requires a clear view of reality, a willingness to get beyond deeply rooted thinking, awareness of your subconscious desires, and a commitment to truth.

May You Enjoy A Lovely Day.

Ange Fonce