Does Vocabulary Matter In Personal Development? 

By Ange Fonce

Here is a brilliant explanation  of "how" the Saturn V rocket works by Randall Munroe... the brilliant part is that he illustrated it using only the 1000 most common words... which ironically... does not include the word “thousand.”

If you are only able to use 1000 words... the art of “nuance”... the “deft touch” goes out the window... and you are very limited to what you can “express” and “share” if you can not use other means of "communication" like pictures.

The typical native speaker knows 20000 words... and there is your “opportunity.”

If you know 40000 words and if you “learn” 5 words a day for a decade... the world changes... your “ability” to see... to “explain”... to “share”... to be "aware" and to “influence” flies off the charts... and your “intelligence” grows!

It is not about “knowing” needlessly fancy words... and it is often hard to know if the fancy word is needless until after you “learn” it.

Your vocabulary “reflects” the way you “think” and vice versa... it is tempting to “read” and “write” at the basic level... yet there is a lot more leverage when you are able to use the right word in the right moment.

A fork in the road for most life paths is what we “choose” to do when we confront a “vocabulary” which we do not “know” off... say for instance from finance... technology... psychology... literature... that we do not “understand.” 

We can either demand that people dumb down their discourse and fall behind or we can “learn” and “understand” the words... and “grow” more.

It is hard to be a doctor or an engineer or key grip if you do not “know” and “understand” what the words mean... because “learning” and “understanding” the words is the same thing as “learning” and “understanding” the “ideas”... the “concepts”... the “theories”... that will then give you the “ability” to “practice” and to take “action.”

And when you “learn” and “understand” words and “how” to make use of them... then you possess the “ability” to “communicate” effectively to "influence"... and become “personally powerful.”

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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