Do You Violate People's Social Norms?

By Ange Fonce

People will sometimes try to bait you into violating social norms so that they can reject you legitimately. 

Do not take the bait.

For instance if someone is rude to you do not be rude back to them. 

That makes you a "social violator." 

For instance a man or a woman can reject you if you do this to a friend of theirs or even someone they do not know. 

Another example... 

If you see a female friend and you run over while they are talking to another and you scream and hug and start talking between yourselves ignoring the other then you have created a new shared interaction without the other. 

You will have cut that person out of the conversation.

Imagine the roles now being reversed.

You are the one left standing there like a dork... you feel stupid and start to panic. 

If you bust in... in a reactive way... you become a social violator. 

The social pressure is building on you... 

"I can't leave and I can't stay."

You eventually walk away upset and with your tail between your legs.

Even though the other person by cutting in on the conversation you were sharing and isolating you out has violated the "social norm" too.

The solution is to interrupt in a way that follows social norms by saying to who you are with in the original conversation you were sharing in a polite way...

"How about introducing me to your friend... it is the polite thing to do."

Another way is to directly "introduce" your self is by being socially confident...

"Hi there... my names Ange... how are you and what is your name?"

By taking the initiative yourself... you demonstrate confidence and social value

This is friendly and also demonstrates a level of dominance and leading.

On the other side of the coin.

And here is a BIG one for men who often commit this "social mistake."

When you are with a woman and you do not "introduce" her to your friends. 

That is going to get you a BIG MINUS point and a lot of "questions" as to "why" you do not introduce her to others? 

And Ladies it is always nice when you "introduce" the man you are with too!

Good social manners... good social etiquette and understanding social norms is a BIG plus point in how you conduct yourself when meeting people.

First impressions is not just about "how" you look. 

It is also "how" you conduct yourself in social situations!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic Holiday!

Yours Sincerely

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