Do You Shove... Push... Hug Or Just Along For The Ride? 

By Ange Fonce

Like the pilot says before you take off for your flight... 

"Ladies and gentlemen... sit back... relax... and enjoy the flight."

When you are on one of those flights... the pilot takes you to get where you want to go... that is why you got on... and so you are lulled... a spectator... merely a passenger... you have no control... and if things do not go well... you are stuck with it.

So are you “just along for the ride” or are you being the “pilot” yourself... “choosing” your “own route” and “owning” what comes of it?

How long have you been a “passenger” along for the ride? 

When is your turn to actually be the “pilot?”

Or are you the “pilot” yourself?

Are you “committed” to “piloting” your own life or just “learn” others “techniques”... to be “along for the ride?”

There is a difference between “commitment” and “technique.”

Often way too much time is spent teaching people “technique”... teaching people to be “just enough” at something... to get an average C... D+ grade to ensure the “mediocrity” of the “status quo.”

It is in so many ways a great waste because the fact is... most people can easily learn to be good at something... “average” is easy... and they can be far more  if they only choose to be... if they "choose" to make the leap and put in the “effort” and “deal” with the “failure” and the “frustration” and the grind... of being so much more than “average”... yet “mediocre” is okay... it is “good enough” and it is the accepted “status quo.”

And most people do not want to “commit” until after they have “discovered” that they can be “good” at something... so they say... 

“Teach me... while I am being a passenger... teach me while I gossip with my friends via text... teach me while I wander off to other things... and sure... if the teaching sticks... then maybe I will commit."

We would be a lot more “successful” if the “investment” of our schooling was more about creating an “atmosphere” where we promote and focus on “commitment” and “motivate” others to “own” that “commitment”... then teaching mere “technique”... a “committed” man and woman with access to “resources” is almost unstoppable.

Great teachers... great coaches... great therapists... great mentors... teach “commitment.”

When Push Comes To Hug And Never To Shove...

This is a much more “stable response” when you stop “shoving” people around...because “shoving” often leads to something “unsustainable” with no "accountability" and no “commitment” or “ownership”... you just get “average”... the “mediocrity” of the “status quo.”

Pushing while also “hugging” has a “surprising” and “different response” to “shoving”... as it “changes” and “transforms” the “trajectory” of the way forward... doesn't it?

When you “notice” what all great “teachers... coaches... therapists... mentors” have in common... is as they “push” you...  “motivate” you... they are “leading” you in their “commitment” and "accountability" to you acquiring “excellence”... and as they “serve” you … they are “hugging” you to be “motivated”... be “committed”... be "accountable" to acquiring your standard of Excellence!

Because Great Educators are “dynamically involved” in your “personal development”... as theirs is not the path of the “average”... the “mediocrity” of the “status quo.”

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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