How To Magnify The Power Of Your Persuasion

By Ange Fonce

Do you "know" that there was one thing that you could do to "magnify" the "power" of appealing to someones "identity." 

And get them to do what you "suggest." 

So I want to share with you that one thing and then elaborate on it a bit. 

The one thing that you can do to "magnify" the effect of using someones "personal identity"... almost against them is this... 

Ask them a "question" that "confirms" some aspect of their "identity" then align what you "suggesting" to that same aspect. 

Let me give you an example... 

Suppose that you are "suggesting" to a friend that they should accompany you to an amusement park... and you are going to blow off work to go... you could start by asking them a "question" like this: 

“Do you consider yourself an adventurous person?” 

Of course... if they say "yes"... then it is going to be very hard for them to say "no" to you if they have "committed" to the "fact" that they are "adventurous." 

Here are some other examples... 

“Are you the type of person that considers himself fair?” 

“Do you consider yourself an open minded person?” 

“Would you say that you are a spontaneous person or are you more of a planner?” 

What makes this "powerful" is their "answer" to your "question."

Because once they "answer"... and they make that "commitment"... it is very uncomfortable to go back on it... not impossible of course... yet very uncomfortable. 

Especially when you "feel" that it describes your "personality." 

Now... your "suggestion" should be related to the "question" that you ask of course.

Because when you are "congruent" with both your "question" and your "suggestion" there is even more pressure on them to follow through with what you "suggest." 

Another form of this that you see online a lot are online surveys. 

And when you "think" about it... its a great way to find out what people want and also subtlety "influence" them as well.

With the survey... once you find out what the participant is "interested" in... you can make an offer to them right then and there. 

And more than likely you will get a fair amount of people to take you up on the offer.


Again because they have already "committed" to what they are interested in by way of the survey.

So when you offer them what they have already made a "commitment" to... it is very hard to go back on their "word." 

So the next time you are "thinking" about "influencing" and "persuading" someone... "think" about "how" you can appeal to their "identity" and tie it in to your "suggestion." 
Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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