Do You Make These Mistake That Damages Her Attraction Level To You? 

By Ange Fonce

This a topic that I think many man still have a very hard time with internally... it is something that is so tough for many men to comprehend  because it is not “logical”... and that is exactly the point... do you really “know” and “understand” what causes “attraction” for a woman?  

One of the reasons it took me so long to get good results and understand “attraction” with women initially... was because of my own “thought processes” of being a man... and that I was above "selling myself"...  I thought that since I was presenting myself well... I had a lot  to offer a woman... and that deep down I was a decent man... and that women would “logically” see that I was their best option... and this is not the case... can you see the problem here... “logically.”

Most people... especially women... do not make decisions based on “logic”... they make decisions based on “feelings” first... and they use “logic” to back up those decisions.

Let me use an example from the advertising world... to share with you what I mean..

Everywhere you look you will come across advertisements promising... 

“Rapid weight loss eating anything you want!” 

These ads will  usually contain “before” and “after” pictures of someone that has supposedly lost 100lbs with this miracle diet... and the ad will be filled with outrageous claims... your “logical brain” reads this advertisement and thinks that  this cannot be possible... you think that this is just another “fake” claim built on artificial hype... yet this ad will probably make someone a LOT of money... why?

Because most people do not make their “decisions” based on “logic”... they base their “decisions” on “emotions”... even though “logically” we all know that the only way to lose weight long term is to cut “calories” and “invest” time “working out” exercising… our “emotions” get the better of us... we start “imagining” ourselves being miraculously skinny... we “imagine” how surprised and impressed our friends will be by our weight loss... we already start to hear the compliments about our “sexy” new body… and you have not even done “anything” yet... all this has happened in your “mind!”

And this is what you have to “understand” about “attraction”... it is the EMOTIONS not “logic” that women go by... what they experience EMOTIONALLY... that fires off their IMAGINATION! 

If you asked a woman to write down what she is looking for in a potential boyfriend in a LOGICAL way... you would probably get answers like this...

Easy to talk to

Common interests


Similar goals

Sense of humour


Good hearted... or kind... etc... etc...

And what you find in the real world is that these things alone will not find you a woman... why? 

Because these are  “logical traits”... they do not excite her EMOTIONALLY to make the purchase... and IMAGINE what life would be like with you... and in this case... the “purchase” is YOU! 

Women may say over and over again ..

“I want a faithful man.”

Most men will take this as our cue to let women know that we are the “faithful type”... the problem is... being faithful does not “elicit emotions” in women that cause them to be “attracted” to you... neither does having “similar goals” or “interests” as her... and neither does having a “good heart"... or  “being funny”... or easy to talk to... these are “positive traits” to possess as a man... yet those “positive traits” alone will not “create attraction” with a woman... they do not stir her “gut emotions” of “attraction”... or "fire up"... her "imagination"... of being with you.

Just think of that “Lose Weight Fast” advertisement... that advertisement did not rely on facts... figures... or “logical sense” to “motivate” people to take “action”… it motivated them to take “action” because it stirred in them “emotions” that compelled them to act... they had no "logical choice" in the matter... their “emotions” had taken over and were driving them... not their “rational logical” mind.

Once you “understand” this “difference” have two choices...

Choice 1... Bitch and  complain how it is... "not fair" 

Choice 2...  Use this “understanding” to your “advantage” by targeting the “emotions” in women... that create “attraction”... that have her "imagining" being with you.

When a woman “experiences” the “emotional buzz” of “sexual chemistry” with you it does not matter if "logically" you are not her type... too old for her... or whatever... because she is acting completely on EMOTIONAL DRIVE... and there is no LOGIC to EMOTIONS... Nature never evolved “emotions” to “think!”

Throw “logic” out the window... when it comes to women... unless you meet one of those rare “logical type” women... go  push the envelope... most men are so wrapped around “logic” that they are so scared to  “push the envelop” of what is possible with women... their “mind” will not let them deviate from what their brain “thinks” should work... stop listening to your brain... and trying to do “the right thing”... when it comes to women.

Logic is fine with computers... cars... and all the things that make the human world work... from a male perspective... yet women are not “logical” things... they have evolved naturally as EMOTIONAL HUMAN BEINGS!

The truth is... it does not matter how you go about creating the  necessary “emotions” that trigger attraction... just create them.

If you would like to know more about being an “Emotionally Intelligent” Man who can “relate” to women... and “create attraction” with women... please do Contact me.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 


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