Do You Live In A Constantly State Of Overwhelm? 

By Ange Fonce

Ask yourself right now how you are living each day... are you feeling constantly overwhelmed by the vast number of things that you think... you need to do? 

It does not matter if we are talking about work or your personal life... too many things leaves you in a constant state of feeling overwhelmed... which ends up pushing your buttons and causing nothing to be done as it should be... most people live every day in this constant state of being overwhelmed. 

This happens because your mind and body cannot cope and process all of the information that you have loaded it with... so you are in a constant state of overload and in every activity that you do... which just intensifies the stress... frustration and the lack of concentration that you have.

When you are successful at investing your time... you are able to maximize use of every hour of the day.... this means using each hour of your day to do the best things to accomplish all of the tasks that you need to in the most efficient manner.

Time is your BIGGEST asset... you either have not  enough of it or you have plenty of  time to invest... when you feel you do not have enough time... then that “time issue” is the first thing that you need to deal with and accept there is not enough time in the day to do all of the things that you think you have to do.

You have to make decisions... smart ones... about what can be realistically and physically done... what has to be done... then what maybe be done... in other words you set a system of “priorities” to get your tasks completed... there will never be enough time to do everything and the result for you will be “overwhelm” and certain “burnout.”

And that is 100% necessary if you are going to live without overwhelm for the rest of your life. 

One day of your life? 

No problem. 

One life.. for ever? 

HUGE problem... usually resulting in early death... now that is a serious issue to be given GREAT consideration and TIME too!

Your goal is always to work on the most important parts of your needs... when you focus on only what is important... you can transform the way that you think and relieve a lot of the stresses that you face... indeed focusing and investing your time on the most important aspects of your life to you... means that you are making the very best decision for the “use” of your time... when you focus on the most important “projects... tasks” of your day and you will always make the very best use of your time when you do so... make the decision that you can not accomplish everything that you want all at one time... you need patience to become a successful investor of time.

And when you constantly live in a state of overwhelm... what happens to your patience?

It is usually non existent!

Here are 5 things to do right now to get the ball rolling... to tackle your state of overwhelm.

Relax Your Mind Set...

You need to be able to focus on what you need to do and how to accomplish it... when you can relax your mind from its frantic and overwhelmed state... you are better able to see just what it is that is the most important aspect of your time

When it comes to deciding what is the most important thing to accomplish at this moment... go with what will have the best long term benefits for you.... if you listen to your feelings...  you will more likely stay in bed and do nothing.

Make A “Priority” List... 

Those that are successful at planning and investing their time are people that have a list of things that need to be done... this way you can see what is in front of you... make decisions about their importance and not feel like there is no end in sight. 

Include everything you can on that list that you need to accomplish... small and big... then invest the time in organizing it by the most important to the least important

Daily Lists Are Underrated... 

I have a good memory for facts and figures... yet I cannot possibly remember the stuff that needs to be done today.... so I write down on my “daily to do” list... 5 things to do... with the highest priority first to the lowest priority last... I put a line through everything I get done and I do not put a line through ANYTHING that I work on that day... that DOES NOT GET DONE.

Any project or task that does not get completed that day... goes on the next days list as “priority 1.” 

Use a Project Based Calendar To Keep on Track...

I made the decision that I would create a "goal and project time plan system” and those who work with me in Dynamic Life Development Systems... receives the full system in an in depth module on “investing and maximising your time to be more productive and acquire your goals"... and I share with them how to use it... to make the most "effect" and "productive" use of investing their time for their "greatest benefit." 

Many time management systems are screwed up and unusable... because they do not take account of “real world” living and everything is hour based and not project based... do you know that people who live their lives based on the hour do not make as much money as people who live by the project!

So get a Project Based Planner and plan your work day... plan out what you need to accomplish in blocks of time... according to “priority” and what will “benefit” you the most gets done... FIRST.

You Have To  Schedule Your Time... 

To accomplish your goals... complete your projects and your tasks... your have to “schedule” your time... when you do this... your mind is less overwhelmed... you are more productive which means you gain greater benefits and you are more likely to acquire the goals that you have set yourself.

This simple step will be the most important aspect to overcoming your frustrations and the overwhelmed feeling you have... by wasting so much of your “priceless time” by being rushed of your feet being busy... with little or no benefit... either physically... mentally and financially to you!

And where is you “free quality time"... in your rushed... stressed... overwhelmed... hectic... busy life?

Managing the investment of your time to be productive and to benefit you... ensures you always have high quality personal time... set aside for yourself and your loved ones!

These five things are simple... yes very simple... that is what makes them so “effective!” 

You can accomplish them right now... do that and see what your first initial reaction is... you may find yourself in the best position that you have been in over the last few weeks or months or even years.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely


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