Do You Know Your Body Influence You Message To Others?

By Ange Fonce

Continuing on from the last article dealing  with the inner and outer game...

We are going to talk some more about outer game in the form of non verbal communication in other words Body Influence and its affects on how others perceive you.

Body influence... do you ever give it much thought of how your body appearance influences and persuades others in their perception of you?

We are going to explore the hidden messages we all are constantly sending out to those you meet and share your life with.

Let me start by asking you a question....

Do you really know your body and how YOU appear to others and what messages YOU send?

Your body image and influence will boost you to the top or keep you among the majority of people in the middle and bottom... you have less than 10 seconds and realistically... closer to four seconds to make a positive first impression on those you come into contact with.

There is a world of research that clearly indicates that you will be judged professionally and personally in the first few seconds of your meeting someone for the first time... in fact your first impression is recorded and is used as a yard stick for all future communication by those whom you meet.

Whatever that first impression is going to be on your part... you want it to be intentional and on purpose and influential.

Let us take a look at how to talk your way to the top with your body.

Most people are completely unaware of just how much their body says and how it often contradicts what the words are saying! 

There are numerous elements of what we might call body language... they include your physical features... both changeable and unchangeable... your gestures and signals that you send to others at the conscious and unconscious level and the space that you use when communicating with others. 

What You Look Like Really Talks!

Let us begin with your physical appearance

Here are some astounding facts that will give you pause for thought when you consider how important appearance is in getting to the top... your perceived level of attractiveness by other people will be a significant benefit or detriment in your life. 

It is not fair... I know.

People who get to the top learn how to deal with less than perfect physical features and work with what they can... before you consider just how to increase your face value... look at the results of some fascinating studies about physical appearance.

The Power of Physical Appearance

Did you know that in university settings... professors who are considered physically attractive by students are considered better teachers on whole than unattractive professors? 

Attractive professors are also more likely to be asked for help on problems... these same attractive professors also tend to receive positive recommendations from other students to take their classes and also are less likely to receive the blame when a student receives a failing grade! 
Did you know that relationship decisions are often made with great weight placed on physical attractiveness? 

A wide variety of research indicates that men will often reject women who are lacking in their opinion in positive physical features. 

Women on the other hand... place less significance on a mans physical attractiveness in considering him for a relationship
Did you know that in studies done on college campuses... it has been proven that attractive females as perceived by the professors receive significantly higher grades than male students or relatively unattractive females?

Pay Attention To The Physical

There is more evidence that shows you must make the most of what you have physically.

Among strangers... individuals perceived as unattractive in physical appearance are generally undesirable for any interpersonal relationship!

In one significant study of 58 single men and women in a social setting... it was learnt that after the first "meet up" 89% of the people who wanted a second "meet up" decided to do so because of attractiveness of the potential partner!

In the persuasion process... attractive females are far more convincing than females perceived as unattractive among women.. the size of a womans bust is significant to how both men and women perceive the woman and did you know?

Women with a "medium" sized bust are considered to be more like able and have greater personal appeal than women with a large or small bust... women with a small bust are perceived as more intelligent... competent... moral and women with a large bust are generally perceived as less intelligent and less competent.

In yet another study we find that men who are obese are generally considered to be slothful and lazy... both men and women who are obese are generally perceived to have personality characteristics that place them at a disadvantage in social and business settings.

Can You Change Your Appearance?

Study after study reveals that how you look is critical to someones first impression of you... so what can you do to change how you look?

You cannot change everything about your physical appearance... yet you can definitely make changes that will give you a booster shot at going to the top in your business and your personal life.

Use The Exposure Principle

The Exposure Principle increases your face value... specifically the Exposure Principle says that the more often you are seen by someone... the more attractive and intelligent you appear to them. 

If you were not gifted with a Cameron Diaz or Tom Cruise face... then it is time for you to take advantage of the Exposure Principle... if you do not have the advantage of being seen time after time by a person or a group... then you must make the most of what you have... in other words you want to look as good as you possibly can on every given day.

Because of the significance of body image and weight... you must do what you can to keep your body weight down and your body in shape for your overall image to be as good as it can be.

Do Not Neglect Your Teeth

Your teeth will tell a tale as well... if your teeth are yellow and look like you just ate... your face value is obviously greatly reduced... do everything you can to keep your teeth pearly white and you will be perceived as more attractive... you have already seen the benefits of the perception of attractiveness.

When you watch the news tonight on TV... look at the teeth of every news anchor.. weather person and sports announcer... they all have beautiful white teeth... there is a reason for that and that is positive impression management... you do the same and you will have a boost on the way to the top.

Hair Also Tells A Tale

Hair is significant to how you assess other people is it not? 

Hairstyles can say a great deal about a person... women with short and stylish hair tend to be perceived as more professional.... older women with longer hair tend to be perceived as women who really wish they were much younger... men who are balding try any of several ways to "cover up" look as though and probably do suffer from personal esteem challenges... men who have long hair tend to be indifferent toward what others think of them... men whose hair is trimmed... styled and short tend to be perceived as professional... what is your hairstyle saying about you?

You have now read some of the important facts about enhancing your personal appearance... remember to keep aware of the awesome power of body influence and non verbal communication in every situation and use it to enhance your personal value!

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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