Do You Know Why Most Men Turn Women Off? 

By Ange Fonce

Do you know "why" most women are "turned off" by most men?

That you may well be acting too "feminine"... without realizing it.

And I am not surprised by this... when so many women are telling men "how" to be.

Yet I have a very simple "question" to ask you here...

"How can a woman tell a man how to be a man... when a woman is a woman and not a man?"

It would be like me as a Man... telling a woman how to be a Woman... "how" can I possible do that... I am not a woman?

I can "empathise" with female "psychology" and "understand" female "biology"... yet I can never "truly experience" what it is to be a woman... the "feminine"... nature never "evolved" me that way.

And here is a BIG problem that immediately jumped out at me about so much "dating" and "relationship" advice these days.

Something that hardly any "dating" and "relationship" coaches ever stress or point out... and here it is...

As a man... you MUST play the "male gender role"... the MASCULINE!

It is a MUST.

There is no way around it... and I can lay good odds that every time you "lost" or "blew it" with a woman or ended up in the dreaded "friends zone"... with a woman that you should have been able to "score with"... is because you were not coming from the place of the "male gender role"... you were not coming from the place of your MASCULINITY!

Attraction... other wise commonly known as "chemistry"... ultimately happens between a man and a woman when the both of you are acting out your respective roles... the "masculine" and the "feminine."

The more "feminine" she acts and can be around you... the more "attracted" to you she becomes... because she can be "natural" in her "femininity."
The problem is that too many men are taking on the "feminine role" in the "interaction" or "relationship"... they act "indecisive... fragile... emotional... sensitive... needy... seeking approval"... these are all “feminine traits”... and where are they getting all this "crap advice" from... women... who I will be blunt and honest in saying... hardly "know" anything about being a MAN!

When a woman acts out these "traits"... she is "playing" out her "natural role" in a "seduction"... and she is "looking" to you to play your "natural role" as a "decisive... secure... strong... confident... leading" and "non needy" man... in others words she WANTS you to be MASCULINE... so she can be Feminine!

THIS is where the "attraction" happens... the "chemistry" is sparked.

It is PRIMAL... ancient and not "politically correct."

In fact... being AUTHENTIC from your "masculinity" is where you should always start... it is what "instigates" and "creates attraction" and opens up the path of "seduction."

Simply being "strong... confident... decisive" and "independent" of "her approval" is going to make you her type.

Let me repeat that...

Simply being "strong... confident... decisive" and "independent" of "her approval" makes "you" her type.

And when a woman "senses"... yes woman do have very good "bullshit" detectors"... that you do not have "mastery" over your "emotions"... as being "emotional" is a "natural feminine trait"... she immediately puts her guard up... she immediately begins "judging" and "testing" you... to "test" the strength of your "masculine core"... and what is worse... and is happening to so many women these days... she has to take on the "masculine role"... and the vast majority of women do not want that... they want a man to be a MAN!

And it is almost "impossible" for 90% of women out there to "feel attraction" for a man... while she is playing the "male gender role."

Keep this in mind...  DO NOT let yourself fall into the "feminine role" in a "conversation... seduction" or "relationship"... always display that "dominant masculine role"... because that will allow her to display her "natural feminine" and she will "feel safe" to do so... and that is a very "powerful" thing a woman wants to "feel" with a man... "safe"... she cannot "feel safe" when you are being all "feminine" on her... she might as well wear the trousers and what does she need you for... if you are not being the MAN?

Make it happen!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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