Do You Know What "Meet Ups" Mean To A Man When You Are "Courting" Him? 

By Ange Fonce

Do you ever feel frustrated that men do not know what they want when it comes to love and relationships?

Have you felt this way even after you and a man were already physical... affectionate... and having what seemed like an amazing time together?

What is going on here? 

Are men really this clueless and frustrating?

When His Actions And Words Do Not Go Together...

You have probably figured out for yourself that a man can be DOING all the things that say he is interested and wants more with you... and feel like he is not ready or wanting more in terms of a relationship at the same time... frustrating... right? 

It is enough to drive a woman mad... and what is worse... a man can DO all kinds of things with you from hanging out to take things to a sexual level... and yet he will not be COMMUNICATING about what he is really FEELING... at least not until after he decides things are not "working" out with you... and he is not ready for a serious relationship... what is up with that?

I get that it must feel IMPOSSIBLE sometimes to get close to a man and have a real relationship... well it is not... lots of other women like you have gone from where you are now to having an easy time communicating with the men in their lives and growing from that UNCERTAIN area of the first few "meet ups"... to a loving and secure relationship... how have they done that?

These women have created an "internal shift" in their "courting" life or their relationship that now PREVENTS these frustrating things from happening. 

And... I want to share some "real world" insights with you about how men think... and how to make things with that right man work for you.

Why Men DO Not Call Again After Great Meet Ups...

I probably do not have to tell you that men do this... "suddenly pulling away"... thing in different situations from casual "socially courting"... to committed relationships... they do it without warning... and for what seems like no good reason at all... how many times have you gone on a first or second "meet up" with a man and had an absolutely fantastic time... and you were sure he was going to call and felt as strongly about you as you did him... you had both laughed and found so many things you had in common... you felt relaxed and confident... and you BOTH had a good time flirting and getting to know one another... best of all... that "special chemistry"... you can only share with the right kind of man was there... and it was INTENSE!

When you went home after being with him, you were 100% SURE he would call and ask you out again... he had even said... "I will call you"... as he left... and then a few days went by... and nothing... what is the deal here? 

Why did he act like it was such a great "meet up"... and even say that he would call you later... when he obviously did not plan on it... did he lie simply because it was easier in the moment and he did not want to hurt your feelings... or was there something strange going on inside HIM he did not want to share... show you... be honest about... or was there something else? 

Let us take a little trip inside his head to find out...

What He Is Really Thinking About You Early On...

Here is the deal... when a man asks you out for a second and third "meet up"... what it means is that he is interested in getting to know you better... because he felt a good connection with you on the first "meet up"... it does not mean that he necessarily wants to be "exclusive" or is thinking "serious relationship"... he is STILL just getting to know you... he is enjoying your company... getting to know you... starting to wonder about you... he is SOCIALLY COURTING you.

So what does that mean for you?

It means that the best thing for you is to do the very same thing... use those same "meet ups"... to SOCIALLY COURT him... to simply get to know if you like this man and if he is good for YOU... taking your time like this is good for several reasons...

You get to make an informed decision about whether he is worth your time... and you prevent yourself from getting too "emotionally" wrapped up and "invested" in a man before knowing if he IS worth it... you protect yourself from getting your heart broken... if you are still checking him out and he breaks it off... you have not yet determined if he was that great and worth the heart ache... right? 

So... even though men do what appears to you as... "weird things"... this is one instance where you should follow a mans lead... treat those early stages of "social courting"... just like a man... take your time... have fun... and look out for you.

What If He Does Not Call?

There are basically 3 reasons a man might choose not to pursue a relationship after those first few "meet ups."

He did not feel and experience a "connection" with you... he is emotionally immature and is not ready to enter into a more "committed" relationship

He is "playing the field"...and while there is nothing wrong in that... if you are wanting something far more "stable" and "committed" with a man... while such a man will be "playing the field"... he is not capable of forming a relationship with you or anyone else.

So what can you do to find out what you can do to create "attraction" with a man... and not just "physical attraction"... the kind of EMOTIONAL attraction that creates a strong connection with you he cannot resist... and wants to KNOW more about YOU? 

CLICK on the link below... and it will take you to my other website...

Where you will find lots of articles and resources... that will "help" you with exactly what you need to know... would it not feel great to stop trying to guess what he is thinking... and instead have a feeling of comfort and confidence from KNOWING what is going on and what to expect... and in turn get more understanding back from the man in your life?

Without all the heartbreak that comes from the usual trial and error of "social courting"... and trust me ladies... "social courting" does not have to a chore... it is to be a lot of FUN!

There is another reason a man might not call you after the first few "meet ups"... if you have found you have a pattern with this... it is possible you have accidentally been attracting men who are not ready for relationships. 

Before you attract the RIGHT man for you... you first need to get yourself to the place where you will be attractive to HIM.

And instead of blaming men... you need to take a serious look at YOU!

It is not that you "attract" the wrong man... it is you that allow yourself to be "attracted" to the wrong man.

Think about that! 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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