Do You Know What Erotic Questioning Is? 

By Ange Fonce

A gentle... easy way for couples to bring “erotic talk” into their “lovemaking” is by using two processes that I call “erotic questioning."

I suggest that you start by “kissing” or holding your partner so there is a natural flow of “erotic tension” between you... slowly stroke and caress your lovers body in “two different areas” or in “two different ways.” 

For example... 

You might stroke the back of her neck and then caress her left ear or lightly run your fingers across his chest and then add more pressure... as you either alternate the location or the pressure on your partners body... softly ask... 

"Honey... which feels better this... or this?"

Erotic questioning has “several benefits”... 

First... it is a “non threatening” icebreaker for someone who may feel shy about using words in a “sensual manner.”

Second... it gives you “useful feedback” about your partners “sexing desires” and preferences. 

Third...  it “demonstrates” to your lover that you are “interested” in fine tuning your lovemaking so that he or she derives the most “pleasure” from it.

Role Playing...

There are many delightful ways to bring “role playing” and “fantasy games” into your lovemaking... 

One form of role playing is to have both of you act out one anothers “secret fantasies”... and maintaining a “non judgemental attitude” toward whatever your partner reveals is “important”... only then can you “create” an atmosphere of “safety” and “trust” that allows for a deepening of “intimacy” in your “erotic bond.”

For example... 

If you “fantasize” about being kidnapped and “ravished” by a pirate... you might ask your partner to don an eye patch and a gold earring... sweep you up into his arms... carry you to bed and secure your wrists to the bedpost while he calls you his "wench" and has his way with you.

Or... perhaps you have a fantasy about directing or starring in an X-rated film...  as the director you “direct” your lover on how to strip for the camera... how to model sexy lingerie... how to play with sex toys... recite an erotic poem... sing a suggestive song or perform a sensual dance.

You and your partner also can “role play” yourselves at a different age or in a different setting than your bedroom. 

For instance... you might pretend to be a couple of lusty adolescents about to make love for the first time in a parked car at a drive in movie or on a deserted beach... the idea of role playing... dirty talk and any other "sexual game" is pleasure and excitement. 

Communicate your desires... and see what happens next!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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