Do You Know This Secret About Men

By Ange Fonce 

If you have ever felt furious with a man because he just does not "get" why he is making you unhappy... I can help.

Some men are actually, on purpose trying to hurt you!


Because that is the only way they know to relate to a woman... or it is because most men are just clueless about women. 

They really want to be with you.

Most men are lonely... yes... they really are... as most men feel awkward and less confident than you would imagine... in fact, most of the GOOD men out there lack confidence and feel awkward around women.

And they cover it up with either an "I don't care" attitude, and a determination to keep an emotional "distance" between you, or outright hostility!

It is amazing sometimes how far a man will go to protect his own feelings. 

And the worst thing you as a woman... is to take what he does and says as "verbatim" and shut down on your own feelings in response.

The way ahead is to keep your own feelings  open in response... no matter WHAT he is doing or saying!

If you trust YOURSELF with a man... he will trust YOU.

Now...this is very different from insisting that YOU trust HIM. 

And I know this is hard to get, because trust seems like it has to be a given in a good relationship... and it does.... yet it does not begin with you trusting him.

It begins with you TRUSTING you.

It begins with a sense that no matter what he does or says... you will be fine... it begins with him getting that you will not tolerate bad behaviour... garbage... mistreatment... neglect... or any form of abuse or disconnection.

And the REASON you can trust yourself not to tolerate such behaviour is just TRUST and RESPECT yourself!

This then... makes it possible for you to be yourself around him. 

You can be warm... open... loving and easy going with him.

Why Trusting And Respecting Yourself Brings Him Closer

If you so completely trust... respect and accept yourself... you will automatically respect and accept him... exactly the way HE is.

And he instantly "gets" that you respect and accept him.

Your intention is to be EXACTLY who you are in his presence... no matter what... will not only completely turns him on... it makes him feel manly and accepted and trusted... all at the same time.

That is when he starts to become trustworthy... that is when you begin to trust him... and that is how a great, deep, and connected relationship gets created.

A woman can LEAD a man when she knows and understands what she is doing with Men... and HOW men work!

So much of this depends on the words you use... your TONE of voice... and your presence when you are COMMUNICATING with a man. 

hey have to be not only respectful and communicate simply... they have to be AUTHENTIC!

Men are so used to hearing demands from women... from their mothers... their teachers... and even the women around them at work. 

They are so used to this that they almost automatically shutdown and tune out whenever the sound of your voice or the content of your words triggers them in a way that feels like a demand.

Show Him He WHY It Would Be Great To Be With YOU.

You will never convince a man to be with you by TALKING to him and telling him WHY it would be great to be with you.

He has to FEEL and experience the ATTRACTION of being with you... and liking who YOU are!

You can create those feelings of ATTRACTION by learning how to put words together that are respectful, non demanding and truly expressing what it is you want... what it is you need and what it is you feel... in a way that makes him feel he wants to get closer to you.

In Dynamic Life Development Systems I cover nearly every possible scenario with men... in a Social Courting situation... in a relationship situation... even in a married situation.

What this does for you is take all the frustration out of communicating with a man!

Once you "understand" how to "communicate" with a man and have done it a few times, you realize that you have been reacting to situations in the same way you always have. 

And you will start to see how the same situations come up over and over and over again. 

You start to experience how simple... easy... and actually FUN to speak and share your deepest feelings and vulnerabilities to a man.

That will actually bring him CLOSER to you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!
Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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