Do You Know How To Use Outcome Based Thinking 

To Influence Your Success? 

By Ange Fonce

How often have you found that the labour of your efforts diminishing or even stifled because of the lack of appreciation of others to see the value of your work and when it comes to presenting and promoting your ideas to others... it is often difficult to persuade and influence them to your way of thinking... that your work that you have produced has value... and deserves to have action taken on your ideas.

Now do you specifically know how to persuade and influence others to your way of thinking and saying yes to you? 

In this article I will cover the basics of how to precisely design persuasive and influential messages in your communication...  to enable you to have others say yes to what you are proposing.

Using Outcome Based Thinking

The first key to persuading and influencing others to your way of thinking is to utilize outcome based thinking... which means that you...

1... Decide specifically what the desired outcome is at the beginning of any communication what is it you want out of the process?

2... Predict what the other person wants or will be wanting... in other words put yourself in their shoes and gain an understanding of their perspective.

3... Determine what is the least you will accept your bottom line out of any potential deal.

4... Predict what problems may come up... what resistance you may have to deal with? 

5... Determine in advance how you will deal with each problem and how you can turn that specific problem into a benefit for the other person or people.

6... Decide how you will bring the process to a conclusion and seal the deal with a WIN WIN outcome... that is of benefit for you both!

By following this simple model you will be able to take control... however subtly of most situations you encounter and deal with... always having a plan gives you an edge in preparation and being well prepared increases the outcome of a successful conclusion... being prepared for objections and resistance allows you to be flexible and swiftly deal with them... as if they were minor challenges and not major stumbling blocks.

Persuasion Techniques

There are literally hundreds of effective techniques for influencing others and we will deal with just a few here...  

First... learn the values of the other person or people you are going to influence... by the use of open questions.

“What specifically would you have to know... for you to want to go ahead with this project?"

"What is most important for you in deciding to move forward?"

“What concerns do you have that would prevent you from moving forward?"

Once you discover the values of the person or people that will be making a decision on your suggestions... you know precisely what criteria of their needs to be met in order for you to move ahead.

This is not the time to ask a leading question like... 

"If I can make sure the project is successful... would you go ahead with it?"  

There are likely numerous criteria... in addition to success that you may not have considered that will be key to their decision making process...  be patient as you discover and become aware of their criteria... needs... you can later utilize the intelligence you have become aware off.

Power Words

Research and experience have proven that certain words when utilized properly... work like a skeleton key in opening the mind to persuasion and influence... we will discuss five such words.


A persons name is powerful key to gaining their attention...  never over use another persons name and DO refer to people by their name for maximum influence... why is this?  

When you were a baby you heard your name over and over again... it was the first consistent sound and tone your brain more and likely learned to recognize first and wired into to your brains newly forming neural network circuits and linked the sound with getting attention and you very much liked hearing your name spoken gently to you... which then was emotionally anchored to positive and pleasurable feelings...  many people who use Mr or Mrs and the persons last name are rarely as effective by disingenuously neglecting using your name.  

It is a fact backed up and proven by research that judicious use of the other persons name... creates a powerful associative link to fondness and positive attention.

Please and Thank You...  

We were taught since the time we first spoke... that we will get something if we say please and once we have it... we must say thank you as a sign of appreciation and when these terms are used in communication both verbal and non verbal they carry a great deal of impact... especially when your tone is positive and warm accompanied with a genuine friendly smile! 

A few examples of the use of these powerful words...

"Thank you for seeing me today."

"Please give this proposal every consideration John."

"Thank you for coming to us....  I feel you will find our staff remarkably service oriented...  please do ask for any help you need."

"Please... I would appreciate your helping out in any way you can."

"Please let me help you isolate the challenges.... so we can come to a mutually beneficial proposal."


When you were young you were told over and over... mainly by the most powerful authority figures in your life... your parents or other adults who cared for you...

"Because I said so." 

These words carried authoritative weight and as adults a more refined because carries just as much authoritative weight. 

Ellen Langer a social psychologist performed a fascinating experiment... she asked a favour of people waiting in line to use the library copy machine... when she asked... 

"Excuse me I have five pages... may I use the machine because I am in a rush?" 

94%  of the people she used this request on.... complied and let her move ahead in line!

When the request was phrased without those last five words... 

"Excuse me I have five pages... may I use the machine?”

Of the people waiting in line... only 60% complied and let her move ahead in the  queue...   most fascinating of all was that when she asked... 

"Excuse me I have five pages... may I use the machine because I have to make some copies?"  

93% of the people  queuing... let her move ahead in line with no reason other than the word... “because!”


Hypnotists have discovered yet another truly powerful word... when used gently at the end of a sentence or question... the word now proves to be yet another key to persuasion and influence.  

Now... was used as a command when we were young...  it was almost used with a threatening tone of voice and was very motivating... albeit from a negative viewpoint...  like the other words we have discussed it has remained in our subconscious mind as a trigger to take action NOW or we could suffer negative and painful circumstances. 

To use the word now with the intonation that was used by our parents... would create a sense of rebellion and resistance in an adult... yet to say the word now with a soft and gentle voice... even with a question mark after it and again with a warm genuine smile... triggers a positive response in the majority of adults that will amaze you with its effectiveness.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have shared with you?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

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