Do You Know How To Survive The Economic Meteor And Thrive

By Ange Fonce

It is unavoidable and it is coming and will make the economic crises of 2008 look like a rock thrown in a pond.

You will have noticed that the economy not just in Europe and the U.S... worldwide... is changing... shifting quickly and radically.

It is very interesting to see the numbers on where new jobs are being created... it is not in the traditional huge mega corporations... those companies are dumping jobs as quickly as possible... through greater efficiency... automation... outsourcing and the new generation of what is known as simple A I... or all four... which probably explains why the service experience for the customers of these companies is getting worse every day... right?

I mean how often these day do you get a REAL Human Being answering the phone straight away... nope first you have to deal with the simple A I... before you get to speak to a living breathing person. 

The new jobs are coming from small... privately held companies... now sometimes that means a fancy software start up... funded by lots of cash from a venture capital firm... yet far more often funding comes from what we used to call a “mum and dad”... in other words a business started by a person and funded by actually... you know... selling something... not freemiums or advertising or any of the other fashionable pseudo business models that get more attention than they deserve.

The Meteor Is Coming...

Really big businesses have a very predictable set of limitations... big companies lumber slowly and without crisp direction... it is incredibly difficult for a huge business to be agile... there are one or two that manage it... yet those are almost always young companies still with passion for what they do... we will see what happens when those flashy hip companies start to really mature.

Big companies sound like big companies... lawyers and accountants tend to make the rules... which any small business will tell you is death if you are trying to build high quality customer relationships... big companies eat their own profit... by layers of bureaucracy... infrastructure and legal snags nibble up profit day after day... which sometimes leads big companies to do stupid things to try and rake some of that profit back... like mass layoffs that hurt customers and employees alike... speaking of which... big companies treat employees like cogs... never mind that cogs do not tend to bring much passion to work every day... never mind that cogs treat customers as poorly as they are treated themselves... we used to put up with big companies because we had to... it was so difficult and expensive to communicate with customers that we had to tolerate everything we dislike about big companies... we might still have to put up with it in some industries... like telecom... do you love or even like your cell service provider? 

For now and in so many arenas... more and more customers are going back to the small... nimble business... the experience is better... the products and services are better... and people running small business tend to actually care about you.

Big Is No Longer Beautiful...

The 20th century loved centralized authority... and the designated authority figure that went with it... the doctor in the white lab coat... the priest or minister... even the politician... yes people used to actually kind of respect politicians... hard to think that now.

In the 21st century... we want a different kind of authority... we want authority that comes from having walked the path we intend to walk... in others words "talking the talk" is not good enough now... we want people who walk the walk for REAL...  we insist on responsibility and accountability... we disdain the traditional trappings of authority... yet we still very much... want advice and direction from someone who knows more than we do... and has the "experience" of having done it themselves... and been "successful" in their given field... authority is not dead... it is evolving.

Most Big Business Is Doomed...

The really huge mega corporations are powerful... yet these days do not tend to be all that long lived... they become too stiff... too top heavy and eventually they topple... combine that with the information and education revolution... the digital revolution of the internet... and you will only accelerate that trend.

That is why I talk about the meteor... just like a massive meteor took out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago... we have an economic and cultural meteor that is going to take out many of todays giant companies... and just like the extinction of the dinosaurs made room for small nimble clever mammals... this extinction is going to make room for something smaller smarter and more adaptable. 

It is going to make room for you... think it cannot happen?

There was a time... that I can remember quite clearly... when it was completely inconceivable that Xerox or Polaroid or Lehman Brothers or name any of dozens of other huge companies could stumble... they were just too big... it was inconceivable that the phone company... phone company used to be a singular noun by the way... would be broken up... and the pieces allowed and forced to compete with one another... it was inconceivable that AOL could buy Time Warner.... okay this was in fact a truly terrible idea... yet nonetheless it happened... it was inconceivable that the scrappy niche computer company Apple would some day enjoy the largest market capitalization on the planet... beating out oil giant Exxon... while the mighty Microsoft struggled for relevance... it was inconceivable that companies like J C Penney and Nabisco would support gay rights as part of their advertising campaigns... the inconceivable happens every day... that word does not mean what we think it means... it can mean...

You Get To Make Something Better...

If you work for a big company today or even a medium sized company... you need to have your eye on the meteor... companies usually work hard to hide the layoffs they are planning... I have been there... working diligently in a organisation I thought was strong... then without warning they spun into round after round of lay offs... it is painful and it can be very frightening for people... especially if you have a family to support... so at the risk of sounding paranoid... anyone who works for someone elses company needs to be making plans... you need to get your personal development skills together... and of these... the number 1 skill you need to develop is simple straightforward promoting and marketing of yourself... and it does not have to be nearly as painful as it might look now... you need to be thinking about what you can create and contribute for your potential future.

Start thinking like an entrepreneur... rather than like an employee... and launching something all your own... perhaps simply a small side business as insurance. 

The meteor does not have to wipe you out... in fact... it could be one of the best things that will happen in your lifetime.

Now... be smart about it... educate and personal develop yourself... and get something rolling.

Because when that meteor hits... and it is going too... no matter what magic tricks governments and central banks pull out the hat.

It will not just be the survival of the fittest... it will be the survival of the smartest too... those who prepare... adapt and are flexible to changing circumstances... and are able to seize the opportunities when they present themselves who will thrive! 

People like Dynamic Lifers... now I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 

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