Do You Know How To Create Emotional Attraction In A Woman?

By Ange Fonce

Often I questioned about “emotional attraction”... and usually the questions follow the theme similar to this...

"There is this woman I am talking to... and I really want her to be my girlfriend... what can I say to her?"

And here is my answer...

Nothing you can "say" will make her feel "attraction" and fall in love with you.

In fact... you will usually "blow it" if you attempt to let a woman know how you feel... especially if its early on... when you are "socially courting" with her.

Here is the problem most men run into...

Once they like a woman they think they need to express this to her... they think that "if she knows how much I like her" she will want to be my girlfriend... wrong thinking.

Love Is Psychological...

Women... and men fall in love due to a psychological process that occurs in our own mind.

Women do not fall in love while they are with you... they fall in love while they are away from you thinking about you... and the more you can get her thinking about you... the more she will begin to convince herself that she is in love with you... women love drama... if you want to keep her attention... you have got to provide her that drama she craves.

Ambiguity is a great way to do this... you are sending her mixed signals. You are showing her multiple sides of your personality... sometimes you make her feel like she excites you... sometimes you make her feel like you are losing interest and she bores you...

Sound cruel?

Well... if you think back on the girls you fell in love with... chances are these girls made you feel this exact way... and that they sent you a lot of mixed signals... am I correct?

Remember "attention" is a commodity... we only have so much of it... he who occupies the most of her attention wins... because love actually happens when she is away from you... when she cannot stop thinking about you... when she finds herself repeating your name in her mind over and over again... and although she does not quite understand why... she wants to see you so bad it HURTS... remember how you felt with a certain "special" woman?

That is love... love is what I call an "emotions game"...  and its all about getting a woman emotionally attracted to you... so that you can fully capture and command her attention...

Have you heard the saying "absence make the heart grow fonder"... and do you fully understand the concept of that saying?

I say this because men are often asking me...

"How do I talk about emotions... with her?"

"What are some emotional topics?"

Thinking in that way is just going to get you "blown out" and "flaked" on!

Getting a woman "emotionally" attracted to wanting being with you is NOT about talking about specific emotions... it is s about creating them in her.

Yes... your ONLY job is to create full range of emotions in a woman... most men stop at the obvious ones like anger... joy... humour...  horniness... yet the real "Gems"... are the ones that create the drama... intrigue... and fascination that captures a woman's mind are the less obvious ones...




And the number 1... TRUST!

It is the surprise that keeps her on her toes... that holds her interest... that has her wondering what is coming next?

It is during the confusion of trying to figure you out ... that you begin to occupy a larger and larger space in her mind... it is during the anticipation of waiting for your next move that she begins to convince herself she is "attracted" and fall in love with you.

Love does NOT happen when you are completely content... this is why most "nice" guys lose women they really like.

Love happens when you start to feel like you are losing control... think about the last time you were in love with a woman... I bet you felt a little powerless... a little helpless... and had a constant sense of a little anxiety... and the only "fix" was the woman.

Until she begins to think she is in love with you... take nothing for granted... there are a few basic ideas that I have been trying to get across to you...

1... You fall in love with a person while you are away from them... thinking about them.

2... The more you occupy a woman's thoughts the more she begins to think she is in love with you.

3... Love is an "emotions game" meaning the more emotions you produce in a woman... the more she becomes emotionally attracted to you... at this point she convinces herself she is in love with you.

I talked about a few of the best emotions that you are trying to stir in her... things like confusion... surprise... joy... and anticipation.

Now before I continue, do not mistake me... it is very important that you produce positive feelings in a woman like joy and fun so that she likes being around you... unfortunately that is not enough... if you ever lost a woman who seemed to really enjoy your company this is why... you were not providing her the variety of emotions she craves.

If a movie was two hours of just positive things happening to the lead character it would get "boring"... and that is why most "nice guys" lose the women they really like... because they think that a woman wants non stop joy and happiness.

They do not... they want some good old fashioned drama mixed in... which is why some men do so well with women... these men provide women an emotional roller coaster of "experiences"... and they EXCEL at providing a woman the most powerful emotion there is....

Fear Of Loss...

It is a physiological fact that the minute you think you are losing something... it becomes 10 times more valuable to you... have you ever been sort of on the fence about a woman... and then she starts flaking on you... and suddenly you decide you want her!

That is fear of loss in action... humans hate losing.

When something or someone seems to be slipping away we will do just about anything to keep it... and when we sense we might have lost something we begin to focus ENTIRELY on the good qualities... this is why women often overlook all the negative stuff us men can do.... because they are in a constant fear of losing the REAL man... and every second she spends away from you... is time she spends convincing herself that she must be in love with you.

I once had a woman I was courting say to me...

"Every time you walk out the door I feel like it might be the last time I see you."

And because of that... she found herself constantly wondering if I was going to call... looking for my text messages... and stalking me out on Facebook to see what I was up to.

It does not have to be as extreme as that... and I would like you get my point.

It is that important.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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