Do You Keep A Record Of Your Personal Development?  

By Ange Fonce

The Olympics is a very special and amazing time to watch people at their absolute best and watching the best in the world perform always makes me want to re evaluate my personal development and ask myself... 

"Am I doing my best to improve at the skills I am working on?"

This past year I have been more into health and fitness than ever before in my life... I love the feeling of incremental successes of slowly gaining strength and endurance and being able to lift one more pound of weight or burning of those extra calories and becoming slimmer.

I keep track of everything... every workout documented... calorie intake... calories burned and eating healthy and in my case eating ethically.

It is not so far off from the way I kept notes on my successes and failures in my personal development... I have several notebooks full of research... questions and field reports... without those records I would not have the understanding I do now and I also would not have progressed as far as I have.

So here is a question for you... 

Do You Track Your Progress?

If not then it is time to start... the people who became the best in the world at their sport did so because of how they practiced. 

When you train at an Olympic level you track everything... you never know which adjustment is going to make the difference for you... it is the same with understanding the social matrix and learning to build attraction with someone... you do not have to train as much as an Olympic athlete... yet putting some of their principles to use for you will definitely take you to another level.

It is the principle of practicing while getting and giving constant feedback is what helps you improve fastest.

Here are a few tips...

Document when and how long you practiced... to track your progress you will need a timeline... be sure to date each practice session and how long your practice session lasted.

Set a specific goal before you start anything... what are you working on and what for?

Write down a clear and achievable goal... many people start out with the intention of practicing and doing what you have set yourself and not the intention of practicing a piece of the skill set... break it down... practice it in parts and eventually you will be better at the art form as a whole.

If I were going to do a workout I might write as a goal say 5 sets of 5 back squats at 75% of my maximum weight... I would not write... get stronger.

Similarly as a social courting goal I might write... I am going to approach 4 mixed groups using the cashmere sweater opener... I would not write... find dream girl.

1... Be specific... work on what you know will push you out of your comfort zone and is still achievable.

2... Record your experience... this could range from a fully detailed field report to bullet points about the experience... the goal is to sit down and rethink the entire experience... the more you do this the better your memory will be and the more aware you will become.

3... Write possible solutions to problems... after you are done practicing... write down what problems you ran into... next to the problems write down a few ideas you have for solving the problem... the next time you are out practicing this material again... test one of your theories... if you succeed you may have an answer... if you do not then when you get home... think through the problem again.

4... Write down the next date you are going to practice... always set up the next session when you get home... putting it on paper will help motivate you to get out for your next practice session.

Tracking your progress will help make each practice session more efficient... as your practice becomes more efficient... success will become more regular and your confidence will go through the roof... these small successes which will give you the confidence to reach your ultimate goals and become your absolute best at what you set out to do.

Go for the Gold!

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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