Do You Jump Right In To Break The Ice When Social Courting? 

By Ange Fonce

Breaking the ice when “social courting” is a lot like jumping in a cold pool... it is the “thought”... the “build up” that builds your anxiety...  circling around the pool... dipping your toe in...  trying to “psyche” yourself up to take the plunge... and when you do... the first few seconds in the pool might be a little uncomfortable... and sometimes the pool is too damn cold and you got to get your ass out of there... because it is freezing!
Sounds a lot like when you are out “approaching” others in “social situations.”
I think you probably heard the best way to enter a pool is to “jump” yourself in... the cold water is NEVER as bad as the “anticipation”... in fact... once you are in it is very “refreshing” and “invigorating” most of the time.
Breaking the ice when “social courting” is the same way... it is a little uncomfortable at first... and  when its all said and done... you always have a lot more "fun" when you jump in... so why do you struggle to get yourself to “break the ice” with a woman or a man?
Simple... you let the "anticipation" of the cold water get the best of you... and here is where it gets dangerous... once you start giving yourself “permission” to avoid the discomfort it becomes a slippery slope... to avoiding any kind of “social courting” that makes you “feel” uncomfortable.
I used to love the sea... when I was younger I would play in the waves and race with my brother... and then I had an "experience” that was not pleasant... I was badly stung by a jelly fish... I started “over thinking” the whole process of getting in the water... what would be in there?

I would concentrate on all sand that would get in my bathing suit... I would think about the ride home all wet... I would think about my salt water dried skin... I began to convince myself it was not worth the effort... and slowly I stopped going into the water... I had created and given myself an excuse to avoid doing what I once “loved” because of one painful experience.
I had a woman I was seeing... ask me why I never go into the water when we go to the beach... I told her... 

"I enjoy laying here reading my book... enjoying the view...  I am not really a sea kind of guy..."
And in that moment I realised what a lie I was telling her and myself... it had been so long since I had been in the sea that I forgot how much I enjoyed it... and let my fear of that one bad experience rule me... and despite the trouble I had “motivating” myself to put my book down... get off my towel... block out the scared thoughts and run into the waves like I used to... I did it... and after a while... I was totally “enjoying” myself again in the sea and a past fear laid to rest!
It is hard  to “motivate” yourself to do something when you are only “focused” on the “anticipation”... the “enjoyment” is never in the “anticipation”... it is in the "action!"
And I think that might be what is keeping you from breaking the ice when “social courting” with men or women … you just are not “motivated enough” because you are “focusing” all your attention on the sand in your shorts... or your bikini bottoms... and not “focusing” enough on the “fun” that you will have... the longer its been since you “sparked a conversation” with a stranger... the less “motivated” you are going to be... because the further “removed” you are from the “fun side” of getting in the cold pool... the less likely your are to “do it”... the “anticipation” of the cold water... will stop you jumping in.

And there is a “fun side” to breaking the ice when “social courting” with men and women... just like jumping in the water is the highlight of going to the beach... when you get yourself to do it... breaking the ice with a man or woman is the highlight of any “social situation”... it is what makes “social courting” enjoyable!
It is refreshing... and even when the water was too cold and you have to get right out... you are always glad you jumped in... to “find out!”

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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