Do You Judge A Book By Its Cover When Social Courting? 

By Ange Fonce

How do you find a potential partner? 

There are those who we pass over and make "judgements" on... for often "silly" and "selfish reasons."

We write them off for maybe not having "enough money" or the right "career" or "job"... the right "religion" or "spirituality"... the right "education"... or not looking the "ideal way" we envision. 

If fact we become "courting snobs"... always looking for the "flaws"... the "problems"... and "why" the other is not "perfect" or "good enough"... we do not look at the "possibilities" that can be there with that other person. 

We let so many "lost opportunities" pass us by... because of "superficial things" and we do not "look deeper" at the Human Being they are. 

For some... it takes a while... yet eventually we come around to "realizing"... that "smarts... personality... humour... integrity" and a "genuine connection" between one another is the key to a to partner who "compliments" us. 

Often though it can be too late when we realize... that they would have been a good fit for us... we "judged" a book by its cover... and "dismissed" it away. 

Here is a story about a woman who dismissed a man a because of his finances... "think" about this story... and "how" many times has it played out in your life? 

The Story...

There was a young man who really liked a young woman... he was a friendly... kind... humble... a sincere and honest young man.. and she was from a well to do family... and some what "spoilt"... and she rejected him by saying...

"Go find and marry someone else of your level... I am too good for you.”

Despite being "rejected" so "hurtfully" in such an "arrogant" way... for some reason... the young man could not forget her so easily... because deep down he "loved" her.

Now fast forward 15 years and the two meet again... they ran into each other accidentally in a shopping mall.

She immediately recognized the man and said... 

“Hey... how are you... I am now married to a very smart man... and his salary is £5000 per month... can you beat that?” 

She is quick to tell the man of her current situation... the "trophy wife" who "thought" money was the key to everything. 

The man... on hearing those "painful words" from the woman he used to care for... held back his pain and said nothing.

Not a few moments passed when the womans husband came back to her side... and before the woman could say a word... her husband immediately recognized the man she was talking to and said... 

“Hi Sir... good afternoon to you... I see you have met my wife!” 

The woman was shocked to realize that there was a connection between her new husband and this man she once passed over as being nothing. 
“Good afternoon too Mr…?” 

Said the woman now flustered and confused... how could her high flying husband know this lowly man? 

The husband then turned to his wife and said... 

“Dear... I would like to introduce the man I am working for... he owns the £100 million development project I am working on!” 

The woman... just stood there... stunned... and was not able to say anything back. 

The man just smiled and said... 

“Well Mr Carter... it is splendid to meet you and your wife today... and I have to get going... I have an important meeting to attend to... enjoy a lovely day!” 

The woman stood there transfixed... and just stared at the man as he walked away... having recovered from her initial shock... the woman asked her husband in disbelief... 

“That is the man you are working for?” 

And her husband replied...

“Yes dear... he is a very humble and generious person... yet his life is quite a sad story... they said he once loved a lady and she rejected him because he was just a poor boy back then... and because of that... he worked really hard... and because he is smart... he became very successful... now he is a multimillionaire who earns millions of pounds a year... unfortunately though... he could not move on from those harsh words and remains unmarried to this day.”

The husband went on to say...  

“How fortunate that lady would have been if she had married that man?” 

The woman just stood there in silence... unable to utter a word.

Just because a book does not have a big "flash" cover... does not mean there is not an "amazing" story inside to be read.

I have often found that "pretty" or "flash" packaging... does not mean there is any "content" or "depth" and "substance" inside! 

And it is never "wise" to be so quick to "judge" other people. 

People do "change"... and your "judgemental attitude" may very well come back to "bite you" in the arse... hard! 

And taking "rejection" and turning it around into a "powerful force" to be "more" to be "better" is a GREAT WAY to dismiss "judgemental attitudes"... rather than remaining depressed... you can "achieve" powerful results.

Nothing "feels" better then the "sense of success"... as when the "judgers" are "shut up." 

And I can say that... from "personal experience."

And while the man did indeed "change"... he also found out that the woman did not... and was still concerned more with "money" and "flashiness"... than with "genuine love."

You could say he was "fortunate" for not getting what he wanted.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic life!

Yours Sincerely

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I consider "IF ONLY" to be two very dangerous words... they are dangerous because they actually distract you from the real cause of your unhappiness... and creates a “false world” of “wishful thinking.”

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