Do You Invest In Your Personal Esteem And Confidence?

By Ange Fonce

"The outside game works from the outside in... while inner game works from the inside out."

Do you invest your time digging into what the root cause of the limiting beliefs and anxieties you hold for yourself?

Do you ever invest your time in thinking about the value you bring into your life and the value you put out into the world and peel back the layers of what made you... YOU?

Have you ever invested your time in thinking about when it comes to outer and inner game... what am I really looking to improve?

They are both important... yet what are the questions you need to ask and what are the layers you need to peel back to improve quickly?

In this article I will share with you a list of questions that I use to help Dynamic Lifers improve themselves from the outside in... the outer game then in the next weeks article I will discuss working from the inside out... the inner game.

With outer game...  your goal is to build social value which is relative as it changes from environment to environment... there are four basic components of your relative social value... 

Words... Actions... Looks And Reputation.

Below is a questionair and I want you to sit down and answer these questions for yourself... they will reveal a lot about what you need to work on when it comes to outer game and building your relative social value... these aspects of your social self impact not only your courting life and relationships... your work and career as well. 

They may be the most important external things you ever look at in your life... so sit down right now and take as long as you like and write the answers to each of those questions.

DO NOT just read them and think about the answers in your head... that will do nothing for you and will not help you improve in any way.

Write them down...  right now... type it in your notepad on your phone... write it into a Word doc on your computer... Email it to yourself. 

Just write it now and you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

So let us start now...


Can you tell a great story?

Can you flirt without being insulting?

Can you teach lessons from your life?

Can you generate interesting and accessible conversation?

Do you work to improve your ability to speak?

Do you keep your mind sharp?

Do you brag too much or are you too self deprecating?

Do you dismiss people easily?

Are you too contrary or too submissive?

Are you verbally reactive?


Are you spontaneous?

Are you willing to take risks?

Are you a leader or a follower?

Are you a generous lover or a selfish one?

Are you patient?

Are you pushy?

When you approach someone are you intimidating... shy or comfortable?

Can you keep your emotions in check when you need to?

Are you physically reactive?


Do you take care of your body?

Do you groom yourself?

Are you physically active?

Do you hold yourself to the same physical standards of the people you are attracted to?

Do you have a style of your own or do you blend in?


What are you known for?

If your friends or acquaintances were to describe you to someone what would they say about you?

If you have fame and money... do you wield it effectively?

Do you have a social circle and if not... why?

Do you have friends that raise your value or lower it?

What do people hear about you before they meet you?

Do you host any types of gatherings or events?

Write down answers to these questions... if you feel like you need to delve deeper into one of them use this as a place to start working on that aspect of your outer game... this will reveal an enormous amount about you and will help you see exactly which areas are holding you back in your life right now.

In the next weeks article we will get into what makes you tick and start peeling back some of those layers that will help you refine your inner game.

This is only the beginning...

This Is How You Make It Work

Do you ever feel like you need a friend... a partner?

Are you more motivated in a team?

Do you enjoy buddy movies?

Nothing can motivate you to up your game like an excellent wingman or wingwoman to challenging each other and having a ton of fun.

It is not only more fun to have a wingman or wingwoman and having one gives you that extra bit of help and motivation whenever you need it... that is why it is important to find a person or group that you can go out with.

Someone who is there to enjoy a night of practice with you.

Someone to share your stories with.

Someone to help you push past your sticking points.

Someone to make the night fun when it seems like everything is going down hill.

Someone who can push you to do your best. 

If you do not already have an awesome wingman or wingwoman... you are probably missing this important core element... that if you want a great wingman or wingwoman then you have to become a great wingman or wingwoman yourself.

This is an important principle to understand in all aspects of your life... especially when it comes to social courting as Inner Game teaches you that you have to be whatever you want to attract to yourself... like if you want to attract a gorgeous... confident and fun man or woman into your life... then you have to develop yourself into a sexy... confident and fun human being. 

It is a basic principle of the universe...  energy is neither created nor destroyed... to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction so you have to give what you get... things do not just appear out of nowhere... like the man or woman of your dreams is not going to appear out of nowhere...  not until you are ready for him or her...  not until you are his or her equal.

The same thing is true for friends and wingmen and wingwoman.

If you want an awesome supportive wingman or woman hitting the streets with you... challenging you and helping you become the confident... seductive... attractive and successful person you know you can be... then you need to be one yourself and being wingman or wingwoman for someone else can be tough... like for myself as a Personal Development Consultant it can be difficult and challenging being there as the wingman for some men and women... that is why I want to share a few tips with you to help you improve your wingship skills.

1... Know your own strengths and weaknesses. 

One goal of the wingman or wingwoman relationship is to assist in places where your partner is lacking. 

To do this... you have to know what your sticking points are... discuss this before you go out or get involved together working on a project... try to come up with some possible solutions before you start and move forward together. 

2... Learn partner based routines. 

There are a ton of things you want to do that require a partner. 

There is no reason to learn alone as one... when as two you can do a lot more that is fantastic... fun and everyone loves them.

3... Learn from each other. 

After practice with a wingman or wingwoman... invest time debriefing each other and discuss what it is that you could have done better and what went well and not so well.  

This time of self reflection is hugely important and will benefit you both greatly.

4... Experiment. 

Having a wingman or wingwoman is ideal for experimentation because if the routine does not go smoothly your wing can help you out... just be sure to let them know what you are going to be testing so it does not catch them off guard.

5... Being a wingman and wingwoman takes practice. 

You have to learn to work as a team and that takes the investment of time... do not give up on someone after a few sessions of practice... if both of you are flexible... creative and persistent in your practice you will do well. 

Remember... if you want to find an awesome wingman or wingwoman you have to be an awesome one yourself too.

Because whatever you want to get out of life... you have to become it first.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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