Do You Have Social Value?

By Ange Fonce

Do you have "Social Value?"

Here is a "Cool" person to know to help you build your "Social Value." 

"The Events Promoter."

In any form of social events the product is the crowd inside. 

Cool people... cool product for the promoter. 

People outside... bad product for any events promoter

You do not need to meet the owner of an event. 

They are in it for the money and will not come out that much. 

A lot of times people do not even know who the owner is when he or she walks in or puts on an event 

The person you need to know is the promoter that works for the events. 

They are usually low on the food chain in terms of business,

YET they are the "Masters" of social networking and they hold a lot of status in the events world. 

These men and women are organized and socially smart

They are given tools like coupons... free bottles... free tables... free tickets... promotion gifts to show their value and make the place look cool. 

They invite cool people and attractive men and women to get a nice vibe that will attract actual paying customers.

They need you more than you need them... they need phone numbers to call... they need to get people through the door. 

The prerequisite is... 

You need to present enough social value to be invited. 


With your clothing... your body language... your style and by bringing attractive and interesting men and women with you.

You bring your "Social Value" to their social event.

Do you need to be a "celebrity" to do that... NO!

You need enough social value that promoters recognize you as an asset and not a liability. 

They need to think...

"Here is a cool class guy... cool sophisticated woman who will provide good entertainment... s
omeone who can join my parties... events... make the event better... she or he will not make me look stupid or bring lame people in."

The promoter is a valuable person to know and be friends with.

Not only do you get the benefit of many "free" events. 

You get to build your own "Social Value" and network of valuable contacts.

It is not always "what" you know, it is "who" you know that counts!

And another bonus to knowing Promoters. 

You get added to their VIP lists for future invites.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 

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