Do You Forget The Ending?

By Ange Fonce

Have you ever said to someone... 

“Oh yeah I love that movie... it was awesome.”

And that was it... you stopped?  

Did you know that every time you respond like that you are wasting a potential opportunity for connection?

A response to a topic as basic as movie preference is a fantastic place in conversation to build value and express identity... learning to express yourself through storytelling is one of the most effective skills you can learn for building value because everyone loves a good story.

And the truth is you can improve your storytelling abilities by paying attention to the way you currently tell stories and then tweaking them with a few simple tips.

Do your stories have a beginning... middle and end? 

Sounds obvious yet how many stories have you heard where...

* The story felt like it came out of nowhere.

* There was not enough information for you to get the point.

* There did not seem to be a real ending.

To avoid these three situations make sure you create a beginning... middle and end to all your stories... it can be as simple as stating what you are talking about and saying something almost identical at the end.

Here is an example of an identity story... where I have pointed out the beginning... middle and end.

Beginning of the story...  

"Metallica is my favorite band..."

Middle of the story...

"Because growing up my mum was really into heavy metal... the first album she bought me was Ride the Lighting... now when I listen to Metallica it reminds me of growing up with my unique heavy metal mother..."

End of the story... 

"That is why I feel a special connection to Metallicas music."

Do you know what your story is really saying about you? 

Every Story Says Something About Its Author.

In anything that requires influence and persuasion like attraction and seduction we need to be conscious of that fact... because we are wanting to present the best possible version of ourselves to the person or people we meet... as in other words if your story is boring... you are boring.

If I tell a story about getting drunk and puking everywhere last week at a party... what does that say about me? 

It might be funny... yet does it convey a piece of my identity that I feel is valuable in this particular conversation with these particular people?

Maybe I have a better story... one that is still funny and paints an entirely different picture of me and rather than blurting out the first story that comes to mind... I will think about what aspect and qualities of myself I want to convey and tell the appropriate story.

Think about how to demonstrate value.

To do this I have to have to be conscious of what I am saying when I speak... which brings me to my next question...

Do You THINK Before You Speak?

To get consistent results you want to think before you speak... choose what you say based on the effect you want.

This is why I constantly practice as most people are terrible storytellers and have no idea that they need to demonstrate higher value... you can be different too.

For example... 

Subjects like religion and politics often come up in conversation and the average person will often jump in with their opinion and that is often a bad move.

As a skilled social artist when social courting on the other hand... I will wait as I know that these topics often lead to an argument which is the least persuasive form of communication and could throw roadblocks into the influence... attraction... seduction or building social value I am engaged in... so keep yourself aware of the direction your conversations are heading in.

Attempt to keep it interesting with storytelling and use questions and observations to navigate away from topics that could ruin the mood.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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