Do You Feel Free?

By Ange Fonce

The concept of freedom is an interesting and important one, for those who strive to be free from...


A boss

Money constraints

Time constraints


Health issues


Bad relationships

And unless you already have everything you could possibly want out of life, there is probably some area of your life where you do not feel completely free. And that is totally normal, yet the question becomes - how do you experience true freedom?

I found the answer many years ago through coaching and building a business that helps people from all around the world.

It is helping me gain freedom in every area of my life, yet the path to this sort of freedom involves many important parts.

And I would like to break down a few of them for you here...


You have to resonate at a high energy frequency

Resonating at a high energy frequency means that you attract those people and things into your life simply by being who you are.

When you really focus on being a good person who truly wants to help people, and by investing in yourself to improve your skills in different areas of your life, you become the kind of person that people want to work with and be around.

Essentially, you become so infectious and attractive that great people and things come to you naturally - including all the things that you really want like living a life of true freedom.

David Hawking’s book Letting Go is a great resource if you want to look deeper into this concept, and it has helped me in my life.

Be Free Of Insecurities And Be Confident

I talk about confidence so often because I really think it makes all the difference.

Confidence is what helps you overcome all kinds of barriers. It is what helps you inspire other people to work with you, and it is what makes you feel good - day in and day out.

A few ways to start building more confidence today include - surrounding yourself with positive people, celebrating your successes (no matter how big or small), and using positive body language.

 Follow Proven Systems

To reach any important goal you will need the desire to get there, and you will also need good systems.

And getting to your desired level of freedom is no different. You will need good systems for your business and your mindset, and your relationships and you will need a way to map and track your progress so you know you are going in the best direction for you.

In fact, it is so important that it will help you make big shifts and reach your goals a lot faster.

I cannot stress how important having a good roadmap and mentors is when it comes to being truly free in your life.

Especially if you do not feel 100% free in all the areas of life that you want to, because this could really change the game for you.
Why your level of confidence matters!

When it comes to getting more...






The one thing that makes a huge difference, is how much confidence you have.

And I will be the first to admit that the game of confidence is not always clear for most people.

So I will share 5 basic ways to systematically build your confidence, so that you can manifest and attract the things you really want more easily...

Practice Positive Self Talk

Some people think this is a little weird and it works wonders! 

Tell yourself “I can get what I want.” 

“I'm going to own that dream home one day”. 

Our brains are wired to take in whatever we expose it to and programme it with, so make sure to feed yourself positive thoughts.
Celebrate Your Successes Often

Do not wait for outside validation or awards to celebrate your wins. Celebrate the small daily wins because those are the ones that build big businesses. You will be surprised how much more progress you make by doing this.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

This one is very straightforward yet most people do not do this actively. 

Being around positive people will make you feel better and give you the energy you need to make it through the difficult times.

Manage Confidence Killing Thoughts

None of us are perfect and from time to time we will have some doubts or even negative thoughts. 

The key then is to have a system to address those kinds of thoughts as soon as they come up, and get back on track as fast as possible.  


Use Powerful Body Language

Positive body language is proven to help lower stress levels and it makes you feel more powerful and confident throughout the day. 

Just think about how you feel when you smile or laugh with a friend after a long intense day. It brings new energy into your body and helps you continue on a positive path.

Doing these 5 things as often as possible will make a major shift in your confidence and as a result, you will start to experience major shifts in your life.

Fears, doubts, and worries are a natural part of being a human. And what can make them dangerous is if you let them completely take over your life.

If you are not living the kind of life you want right now I can bet that the reason is because of some kind of doubt, fear, or worry. That is the way it is for most people So if you have fears, doubts, or insecurities keeping you from getting the results you want in your life as quickly and easily as you would like, then get it resolved once and for all.

And speaking of experiencing major shifts, when it comes to increasing your confidence and getting all the amazing things in life you are destined to have, work with us privately.

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Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

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Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving, Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

 Coach Ange

Qualified in Person Centered Counselling, Personal Development, Accountability, Assessment, Strategy Coaching and Psyco Sex Therapy and training in Relationship Coaching.

Coach Dalia

Qualified in Accountability, Assessment, Strategy Coaching and training in Relationship Coaching and completing her I.C.F accreditation.

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