Do You Feel Entitlement Or Worthiness?

By Ange Fonce

Feeling entitlement is the joy killer.

Any other day of the year hand someone a special chocolate bar and they will be pleased. 

Do it on Christmas and it is worth almost nothing.

When you receive something you feel entitled to or something expected or that you believe you have earned... it is not worth much. 

And when you do not receive it you are furious after all it is yours already yours and you did not get it. 

Whether you are a hobo or showing up as a surgeon after years of medical school entitlement guarantees that you will not get what you need.


On the other hand is an essential part of receiving anything.

When you feel unworthy any kind response or positive feedback or reward feels like a trick... a scam... the luck of the draw. 

It is hardly worth anything because you decided in advance before you got the feedback that you were not worthy.

It is possible to feel worthy without feeling entitled. 

Humility and worthiness have nothing at all to do with defending your territory. 

And we do not have to feel like a fraud to also be gracious... open or humble.

Both entitlement and unworthiness are the work of the resistance of low personal esteem

The twin narratives make us bitter and encourage us to be ungenerous and keep us stuck. 

Divas are divas because they have tricked themselves into believing both narratives that they are not getting what they are entitled to and perversely that they are not worth what they are getting.

The entitled yet frightened voice says... 

"What is the point of contributing if those people are not going to appreciate it sufficiently?" 

And the defensive unworthy voice says... 

"What is the point of doing this if I do not think I am worthy of being paid attention to."

The universe it turns out owes each of us nothing. 

Hard work and the dangerous commitment to doing something that matters does not get us a guaranteed wheelbarrow of prizes yet what it does do is help us understand is our worth

That worth over time can become an obligation to do our best and to contribute to communities and projects we care about.

When the work is worth it make more of it because you can and because you are generous enough to share it.

"I am not worthy." 

Is not a useful way to respond to success and neither is... 

"That is it?"

Let me finish this article with a little story...

Is It Straight

There was a man painting a sign and there was a woman with him.

He would paint the sign and the woman would say...

"No that is not right."

And he would start again and the woman would say...

"No that is not right."

After many attempts and the woman saying...

"No that is not right."

The woman decided to make food and tea.

And the man said...

"Good idea."

Being in peace and quite the man completed the sign and it looked perfect.

And when the woman retuned she looked at him... smiled and said...

"It does not look straight."

That is when the man decided to leave and he left.

It might be better if we were just a bit better at saying... 

"Thank you."

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Yours Sincerely

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