Do You Ever Use These 2 Underated Flirting And Seduction Methods? 

By Ange Fonce

I love going out and experimenting with different “flirting” and “seduction” methods and just having “fun” when I am "social courting."  

First off... it is good to go out with a “mindset” of “experimentation” and “learn” what works and does not work... it takes all the pressure off and allows you to indulge in your sense of “curiosity.”

If you are not seeing results with what you are doing now... why not say “screw it” and just do the "opposite" of everything you would normally do and see what happens?

Yes I have “crashed and burned” while out "experimenting"... and “yes” I have enjoyed a lot of “success” too.

Anyway... during my "experimenting"... I was reminded of two “flirting” and “seduction” methods that I do not use nearly as often as I should... and are actually "very effective"... and I want to share them with you.

1...  Radical Honesty...

The whole “idea” of this “method” is to not “filter” your “thoughts”... nor to hide “your intentions.” 
For instance... 

When a woman asks you what you do for a living... as the vast majority of women will do... often your first reaction is to make something up or change the subject... you could turn it into a” flirting opportunity” by saying...

"Yes... I am trying to think of up something big and fancy to impress you... maybe increase my odds a little bit...  what kind of job would I have to have to really get your libido rocking?"

The key to this “flirting method” is that you must keep it up throughout the “interaction” and make it “fun”...  the “powerful part” is once you have “established” yourself as “bluntly honest” and “fun” to be with... you can really get away with saying almost ANYTHING.

And women can use this method too on men... and like any “interaction”... it is not just the “words” you use... it is “how” you say them... the “delivery!”

2...  Using Disqualifiers... 

Not long ago I was in the middle of a conversation with a woman I had a very good “vibe” with... and there was an issue... she is a married woman and I wanted to "diffuse" the situation before I wound up doing something I would regret... so I decided to start “disqualifying” myself to her... the “problem” was it ended up having the exact opposite effect and wound up making her want me more.

Me...   If I was not such a selfish man we might really hit it off 

Her...  Shut up... you are not selfish.

Me...  No... seriously I am very selfish...  I come across really charming at first... and eventually I will become the man you are constantly bitching to your friends about.

Her...  What makes you selfish?

Me...  Oh lots of reasons...  first... I am very focused on what I do and will not let anything get in the way of what I want to achieve... I am completely self centered...  I have the attention span of a child... with things that do not interest me... at this point I deliberately looked away like I had no interest in her or our conversation... and I ALWAYS leave the toilet seat up... no matter how many times you will tell me to keep it down... I will refuse.

Needless to say... everything I was saying was making the her laugh and created a very “flirtatious vibe”... if she had not been a married woman in would have been a smooth “transition” into a more “seductive” vibe... as it was not a situation I wanted to “escalate”... I made my excuses to visit the restroom

You can use “disqualifiers” with just about anything... the more absurd the better and you make it  “fun”... as before with “radical honesty”... it is not just the “words” you use... the real “effect” is in the “delivery” and the “vibe” you create! 

These are just two “flirting methods” you may want to try out the next time you are out “social courting” and talking to a man or woman...  and more “importantly”... is for you to keep the “mindset” of “experimentation” and having “”fun” with "flirting"... after all “personal confidence” with a “fun” vibe... and not taking yourself to “seriously”... is “attractive” in itself!  

And if you are out “experimenting” and you do “crash and burn”... possess the ability to "laugh" about it... after all is not “meeting” new people supposed to be “fun” and is an "experiment" in itself!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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