Do You Bring VALUE To Your Relationships? 

By Ange Fonce

"Do not go to people with an empty cup... needing to get it filled up... Offer value!”

Let us dig a little deeper into the idea of “value” because I get the feeling a lot of men and women do not "understand" this concept to well... for instance many men and women "think"  that "value" has to do with money or clothes... superficial stuff like that... and it does not.

It also does not have to do with doing stuff for him or her... buying him or her things... or solving his or her problems... those things do not "offer value" in the way that makes the other person "want you" to be around.

So what does?

He or she "sticks around" because of "how"... he or she "feels about" you!

There is NO... 

“Well he took me on vacation and when my grandma died he was there for me…”

Or the male version of the above.

You are either satisfying some "feeling" he or she craves or you are not.

Here is the thing...  different men and women have different "feelings" they "value"... some girls like feeling like they are one of the Kardashian sisters whose boyfriend constantly disappoints her... they place a "high value" on the "drama" a man provides them...  they actually LIKE bitching about their boyfriend to their friends... and to a lot of us men... that is weird and we just do not "understand" this.

They meet a girl who is constantly bitching about "how" her boyfriend is not nice enough... or does not want to hang out with her... or he flirts with other women… and the man thinks... 

“Man... this woman will be easy to steal away.”

And she is not... because her boyfriend is providing her "exactly" what she "values"... if he was not she would have "friend zoned" him already.

Now... men are the SAME WAY.

I know men that will continue to "court" a woman who is a complete and total bitch... not because she is hot... or good in bed... it will be because his friends are "constantly telling" him he lucky he is... and that is what the man "values"... his friends "approval." 

Everyone places a "high value" on something.

So the question is... are you going to get inside his or her head and "figure out" what is really going to "delight them?"  

And figure out a "way" to give it to them?

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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