For every article that I write and publish... I edit at least 3 times, sometimes more.

That means that on a regular basis, I cut out some of my favourite writing.

There will be a sentence or a paragraph that is a gem... yet does not sit sit in the context of the whole post.

And no matter what and how I feel about it.

This gem does not fit... so it has to go.

Any one who is an artist, craftsman or highly skilled in their profession will know... sometimes when you are creating (and I include cooking here)... when what you are creating is just not working... it has to go.

It either has to go completely or you rescue the best parts and start again.

And this turns out to be an incredibly useful exercise. 

Instead of things just being "good enough"... I know that it is going to be a post,.. every morning, right here... that is going to be "the best it can be." 

That is the road to developing "excellence!"

I find that it is almost essential to fall in love with an idea to invest the time it takes to make it good and worth sharing. 

And then, the hard part... deleting that idea when it is just not what it could be. 

Too often, organizations, groups and individuals are good at the first part, and struggle with the second. 

And so we defend expired business models and out dated life concepts and beliefs, support the status quo and have a knee-jerk inclination to preserve what we have got.

Which are "just good enough" and really "are not good enough" at all.

Such ideas, business models and life concepts are "just make do" and not "creating" the "best it can be."

The value of "excellence!"

When you get in the habit of breaking your own mold, breaking your own ideas? 

It is a lot easier to ask, "what if?" 

If you know that it is okay to break it later. 

It iss a lot easier to fall in love with it now.

And change everything later... when it is not "the best it can be."

Watch the accompanying video where "make do" and "just good enough" can be watched in action.

The Worst Meeting Ever...

If there were evil people in the room, it would actually be easier to swallow. 

Yet everyone thinks they are doing their part, playing their role, doing their job...

And how many times have you heard "just doing my job" as some of the greatest "evils" in the world are perpetrated!

May You Enjoy A Lovely Day.

Ange Fonce