Do You Bounce Forward In Life...? 

By Ange Fonce

When you hit an obstacle... sometimes the best you can want for is to "bounce back"... to recover... to get through this and get back to the "status quo."

And when your project... goal... life hits a snag... perhaps you can "consider" using the "moment" to "bounce forward" instead. 

Being on the "alert" for "opportunities" to move forward... not merely "repairs" to stay were you are.

When you are "investing" your "time" and "resources" to just "focusing" on a return to keep the "status quo"... you will probably miss the "opportunity" the "problem" has presented to you... that is right there in front of your nose... to "bounce forward"... to "leap!"

Many a "successful" man and woman has seen the "problem" as an "opportunity" to "bounce forward!"

Bouncing forward means to do things "differently"... to take a "new" direction... an even "better path." 

Not merely staying on the one you were on in the first place... keeping the "status quo."

So develop the "dynamic mindset" of "bouncing forward" when the "problems" present themselves... because every "problem" is an "opportunity" waiting to be "solved" to move you "forward!"

And not merely focusing on just "bouncing back" to where you already are.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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